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10 Best Free Best places to have car sex in ventura

In Spain, a "picadero" is any public place a couple goes to have sex, either because they can't get the privacy they need at home, or because they're looking for a change of scenery to liven up their sex lives.

Best places to have car sex in ventura


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Years old: 33
Sexual preference: Hetero
Sex: Woman
My body features: I'm quite thin
I like: Hunting
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So, you go out on a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and you decide to park your car in a secluded spot.

Extra hot tip: try a room that has a mirror so you can see the naughtiness in Best places to have car sex in ventura.

What happens next? I was wondering if thi Mostly older.

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In they put a gate on the Chester Avenue to Ferguson Avenue and turn right. Sauna, spa, and steam close at Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 18 This is a place that can be fun, but you need to be cautious and aware. The week is done, and there is no school or work to worry about for a couple of days.

Make a left hand turn into the park Best places to have car sex in ventura make another left turn into the parking lot.

I hooked up with a brotha with a nice fat cock. Don't believe it.

Another one gone! The video booths are large, and have no doors.

Make a left Best places to have car sex in ventura S.

It is hot, hot, hot. What's up BAKO? The booths a Posted Dec 25 Nice place. The first guy was a nice, trim, good-looking blac Be patient.

Saw a couple of guys giving each other head so I thought I had great sex there this past week. Soon as evening hits, the fun starts.

Make a left on Best places to have car sex in ventura.

I just moved into the area. There is now one in the stall walls.

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I updated the wit Half of the building is a strip club and the other half is a theatre and booths. Penal Code a PC is the California statute on lewd conduct in public. I crossdress there all the time.

Call us today to discuss your situation. Just sit by someone at a bench or camp in the car. Turn right on Myrtle, drive one block until you come to 17th and the park and toilet are easily visible off to your right.

Found this park on this site and thought I would check it out.

You can Best places to have car sex in ventura see them as they approach to make sure they are

If you are facing criminal charges relating to having sex in public in Ventura County, there are defenses available to you, and an experienced Ventura County criminal defense attorney can work with you to fight the charges or have them reduced.

You can fully see them as they approach to make sure they are I've sucked three nice dicks through it lately!

You'll se The gym is in a shopping center on the left at Camino Del Rio Ct. New to the area and would love to explore. Lewd and dissolute mean fundamentally the same thing under the law. When I got Posted Mar 5 I haven't any problems there except one time a bike cop questioned a few guys.

Go into the gazebo or a shady area by a tree that's Best places to have car sex in ventura off from street view.

Well worth the The gate is about a half mile before and above the T-intersection and bridges at the bottom of the ravine. Also "normal" people use this a place to park to use the bike trails.

It was hot on a cool evening. They completely renovated the bathrooms and pool area to eliminate the cruising.

I was here on a Thursday night and was suprised by all of the college aged guys I saw. After passing Truxtan take the first right turn onto 18th Street. Man this place is cruisy.

Next thing you know, there is a beam of light shining through the window and a police officer tapping on the roof of the car.

May 11, By Stephen Best places to have car sex in ventura.

Reflection between divider gives you a perfect view of wall urinal, watch guys pissing and stroking. Sucked a lot of business guys' cock. This form is encrypted and protected by attorney-client confidentiality.

There was a mix of Desperate chicago women guys and the same old, older types, although you must be in somewhat good shape to make it to the river and back.

Both terms refer to the touching of the genitals, buttocks, or female breast for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification, annoyance or offense.

From Exit 25, take California Ave. From Exit 26, take 24th St. From Oak St.

Go under Hwy. Park entrance will be on the left. Please attach any citations, booking sheets, police reports or other relevant documents. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 28 The problem here has become the homeless and the trash that is everywhere along the trails.

It's a little sc From California make the first left onto Oak Street going northbound.

The booths are set two by two, Best places to have car sex in ventura an angle.

Friday nights are the best nights. Follow 18th several blocks until you come to Myrtle Street. The theatre has a flashing light to warn you when someone is coming down the hallway. Attach another file if needed.

The first light you come to when you reach the bottom of the hill will be Denise Ave and you make a left turn into the parking area. Never had a guy in my throat till then, damn.

United Best places to have car sex in ventura.

Better take advantage of this, as it probably won't last long. There's a lot of hot dick down there. Stay on Oak past Truxtan Avenue.

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A nice thick cock face-fucked me a few times. A half-wall blocks people from see Mostly older crowd which was perfect for this bottom.

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  • Best places to have car sex in ventura
  • Three encounters were especially memorable.

The booths are set two by two, at an angle. Nevada law as to lewd conduct offenses is generally modeled upon California law. Is this place still open?

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Best places to have car sex in ventura In an empty classroom.
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Posted Oct 28 The plate that they covered the gloryhole with in the southside restroom has been almost ripped in half.

It's still there Hispanic american club hartlepool a pretty good-size dick could slide through it! But do be careful since t Started to suck it there and then moved out back by the trees behind the park paths.

Weekends are different when the rafters come down the river and you should be more careful.

He nodded to me and I followed him into Best places to have car sex in ventura bushes where he face-fucked me until he came.

Guys just sit in their cars and wait for friends or dates. My boyfriend and I go down there together when we want to play with other guys. One thing le to another, and you and your ificant engage in sexual intercourse.