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Females can sometimes be identified using keys to the majors. Download Download PDF. It Black milf threesomes been one of the most difficult genera for species identification, as most species are dimorphic sometimes monomorphic, trimorphic or polymorphicwith the major worker nearly always needed for identification.

Creighton revised the species of the United States and cleared up several problems. Clypeus elongate Fig. Head of female Fig. Head of a female of C. The photograph is from AntWeb, Zach Lieberman photographer.

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The anapleural suture is well developed on the mesopleuron. Download Free PDF. William Mackay. We greatly enjoy collecting and identifying ants and will continue to collect for as long as we can.

In many cases you will be able to identify your ants in the field with a hand lens high quality with a capability of at least 10X.

I initially planned to publish the entire work as a single book, but after a few years Rummy online walsall was getting much too large over s so I decided to separate it into four volumes.

The mesosoma is enlarged for flight and is sim- ilar in general structure to that of the female.

Retrieved Busco novio gay en new mackay June

The mesosoma generally has several erect and suberect setae on the dorsal surface and can have appressed setae.

The mesosoma is never strongly depressed at the notopropodeal suture, as it is in the majora and minors of some of the species. The males range in size to tiny total length a few millimeters to very large more than Craigslist danmark women seeking men centimeternearly as large as the major worker.

Anterior border of clypeus slightly concave Fig. Key to species complexes 74 - Anterior border of clypeus nearly straight Fig. Abundantly hairy, cheeks and malar area nearly always with more than 15 erect and suberect setae Fig.

Clypeus elongated Fig. The photo- graph shows the side of the head, mesosoma and petiole, and is from AntWeb, Estella Ortega photographer.

Check for other insects are found in the nest as inquilines. The mandibles are well developed and typi- cally have 5 - 8 mandibular teeth. Overbeckia is essentially a Cam- ponotus with enlarged apical antennal segments Fig. The metapleural gland opening is not obvious and is apparently absent Fig.

There are several partial revisions of the genus Camponotus. Use the illustrations, comparisons sections and photographs to dou- ble check your identifications. The postpetiole is not differentiated. Key to subgenera 28 6 1. You will need access to a dissection microscope as you become more involved with ants and want to double-check your identifications.

If you miss almost all of them, more will be under adjacent bark, or some escape to the area under the stone you just moved. The mesosoma is gener- ally more elongated and slenderer than it is in the major worker of a spe- cies but is generally similar Free shemale everett structure.

If you encounter a single wingless female, and you already have one or more specimens, place her back where she was and reconstruct the nest site. That included in this manu- script is in bold. Sides of head nearly parallel Fig.

Appressed setae are shown on the left sides of the drawings. Both of us are retired and now have time to work together collect- ing, curating specimens and publishing papers and books.

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HL indicates head length, HW head width. It is apparently a member of the mocsaryi species complex. Head of a major worker of C. The photograph is from AntWeb, April Nobile photographer. Side of the head of a major worker of C.

The photograph is from AntWeb, Will Ericson photographer. The head is generally narrower anteriorly than in the major worker.

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Posterior tibia strongly flattened Fig. Posterior left tibia of a major worker left and minor worker right of C. Pronotum with spines or sharp angles Fig. Pronotum of a major worker of C.

Dorsal view of a major worker of C. Anterior border of clypeus concave, nearly always with rounded angles on each side Fig. Key to species complexes 58 - Anterior edge of clypeus straight, or convex Fig. Clypeal carina very sharp Fig. The inset of C. The photographs are from AntWeb, April Nobile photographer.

I did the best I could with what I could afford. The head is typically elongated, and sometimes longer than broad.

The relative lengths of the scape are very useful for separating species. Calomyrmex appears to be synonym of Camponotus but will not be proposed here. Snelling and others,, and Mackay and Mackay and others a, b,provided smaller publications in attempts to clarify small groups or species of Malay call girl in lynn geographically defined area.

Most photographs are from Dr. I have photographed specimens or closeups which were not on the website, using a Zarbeco ZDM and video camera.

The following abbreviations are used all meas- urements in mm. These two genera are considered to be hyperdiverse LaPolla, New World ants of the genus Pheidole have been reviewed Wilson,but a comparably in-depth synthesis of Camponotus is not available LaPolla, A of myrmecologists have worked with the genus, often without actually Gay massage therapist concord the types or even specimens of many of the spe- cies, nor being familiar with the genus as a whole, and as a result it has become an intractable mess.

Posterior face of the petiole of a worker of C. Minor worker major unknown or may not exist dull black with orange or brown legs; petiole thick when viewed in profile Fig. Side views of a minor worker of C. The erect hairs on the mesosoma and petiole are coarse and thickened, not fine as in members of the planus species complex.

Minor workers tend to be slightly hairier than the major workers, slightly more sculptured, and Busco novio gay en new mackay slightly lighter in color than the major workers. Some subgenera will be synonymized in future volumes, which will include justifications. The clypeal carina is less developed and the eyes nearly always extend past the sides of the head.

Patricia Mehlhop and Arnold Van Pelt donated their collections. The antennal scape is elongated and passes well past the posterior lateral corner of the head, even in species in which the scape is relatively short in the major.

Colored photographs are included for all of the New World species of the subgenus Camponotus. Head of major only moderately narrowed anteriorly Fig. The photographs are from AntWeb, April Nobile photogra- pher.

Anterior part of head, including most or all of clypeus, obliquely or perpendicularly truncated Fig. Head of a major worker of Colobopsis papago as seen from the side modified from Creighton, Head of a minor worker of C.

Posterior edge of clypeus not part of truncated region, in same plane as remainder of head Fig. The photograph is of a ma- jor worker of Colobopsis papago, from AntWeb, April Nobile pho- tographer. Key to species complexes Kirsten vangsness and shemar cairns dating Clypeal carina Clypeal carina seen from above Fig.

The pho- tograph is from AntWeb, Harald Bruckner photographer. The shape of the petiole and gas- ter are usually similar to those of the major worker.

Remember me on this computer. In total, we have collected approximately 1. Anterior edge of clypeus notched or depressed medially Fig.

Key to species complexes 84 - Anterior edge of clypeus not notched Fig.

Erect and suberect setae sparse or absent on dorsum of meso- soma Fig. Dorsum of mesosoma impressed at notopropodeal suture Escorts westland 100 be only weakly depressed in major Figs. Most of the New World ant genera have already been revised, at least preliminarily.

Need an ? The pronotum is smaller than that of the ma- jor worker, but the scutellum, scutum, and metanotum are well developed. It is easy to as specimens to the wrong complex and misidentify them. The poste- rior border of the head is generally at least slightly concave.

Key to species complexes 50 3 2. Often it is difficult to convince her to leave for another location as she expects the next stone or log will have a rare or unusual species.

Wang and Wu recently described five new species from China and provided a key to the Chinese species. Snelling and George characterize it as a genus of bewildering complexity that is an excellent example of tax- onomic chaos. The probability of correctly identifying a species in such a re- vision is low.

This is the first volume in approximately ten volumes of the New World Camponotus.

The photograph is from Ant- Web, Will Ericson photographer. This leaves us with the largest and most difficult taxa.

The gaster is little modified, but useful differences include the and placement of erect and suberect setae, appressed setae, color, and differences in color along the posterior edge of the terga. Much of major especially head smooth and glossy Fig.

Head usually coarsely punctate; cheek usually without erect and suberect setae Fig. He of a minor and a major worker of C.

Key to species complexes 72 - North America; cheek usually without erect and suberect setae up to 5 may be present ; scape flattened at base and may form lobe Fig.

Clypeus usually about as long as broad Figs. USA Specimens were measured using a calibrated ocular micrometer in a dissecting microscope.

The head may be obliquely or perpendicularly truncated and serve to block the nest en- trance.

The shape of the petiole is important and defining some complexes and sepa- rating some of the species.

The eyes generally reach or extend past the sides of the head, and three ocelli are present. I am trying to make carpenter ant identification pos- sible for non-specialists.

A of species complexes will be recognized to lump groups of species which share common characteris- tics. Key to species complexes 78 35 Dorsopropodeum not forming shelf Fig. Flattened process Fig. Side view and top of mesosoma of a worker of C. Pronotum with longitudinal carina Fig. Mesosoma dorsal view of a worker of C.

Key to species complexes 80 37 Propodeum angulate between two faces as single point, Fig. Propodeum and petiole of a major worker of C. Pronotal shoulder of minor and often major forming longitudinal carina or shelf Fig.

Anterior edge of gaster with upturned lip Fig. Side view of a minor worker of C. Anterior half of mesosoma humpbacked Fig. Side view of major workers of C. Dorsopropodeum of minor worker Fig. Side view and top view of the mesosoma of a minor worker of an undescribed species.

The subgenus Camponotus, the herculeanus species complex, includes: americanus Mayr, bellacolor new species, castaneus Latreillechromaiodes Bolton, herculeanus Linneausjohnsoni new species, laevigatus F. Smithlaevissimus new species, modoc Wheeler, noveboracensis Fitchpennsylvanicus De Geerquercicola M.

Smith, schaefferi Wheeler and texanus Wheeler. Emery b stated that the genus is excessively rich in species and is a torment to myrmecologists, with species which bridge the gaps between subgenera. Key to species complexes 76 33 Head of major and especially female greatly elongated Fig.

Propodeum with single angle between faces Fig. Side view and top of mesosoma of a major worker of C. The photographs are from AntWeb, Estella Ortega photographer. Side view of the he of major workers of C. The arrows indicate the truncated areas of the he.

Calomyrmex splendidus has a strongly concave anterior edge of the broad clypeus, across the entire front of the clypeus. Fine appressed setae may also be present on most surfaces.

Ruby massage woodland hills iowa will try to keep all of the volumes under s. The males apparently do not have characteristics that even allow them to be sorted to subgenera, and generally cannot be identified, except in regional studies where samples of the males of all of the species are available for Comparisons.

The mandibles are poorly developed, the clypeal carinae is usually absent, the eyes are large and Busco novio gay en new mackay most of the sides of the head, the three ocelli are present, and the scapes are elongated, extending well past the posterior lateral corner of the head.

The petiole is similar to that of the major worker, and the postpetiole is not separated from the gaster.

Retrieved Busco novio gay en new mackay June

Preliminary list of species complexes. Intermediate sized workers are occasionally present, and some spe- cies may be actually polymorphic.

EL indicates eye length, EW, eye width. Posterior part of head formed into slender neck Fig. Neck of a worker of C. Clypeus nearly always with well defined, longitudinal carina Fig.

Key to species complexes 56 10 9. Most males are light brown to black. The structure of the mesosoma is im- portant in separating some of the species complexes and subgenera.

The form of the posterior border of the head varies but is usually at least slightly concave.

Initially all of the New World subgenera of Camponotus will be recognized for convenience, groups in which species appear morpholog- ically similar. The mesosoma has similar pilosity to that of the major worker.

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Enter the address you ed up with and we'll you a reset link. At the end of each book, or species complex there will be colored photo- graphs of most of the species.

Some species have a thickened petiole lateral view and maybe a well-defined dorsal face, and even spines in some species. Some of them have 2 lenses, so you can use the lenses together for higher magnification.

Usually the struc- ture of the head and mesosoma of the major workers and females are of importance in identification of the species and this treatment is limited primarily to these parts.

The eyes are large and well developed, but rarely reach the margins of the sides of the head. Head elongated; clypeus elongated, generally as long as, or longer than wide at level of tentorial pits Fig.

He of major workers of C. Mesosoma with several Japanese ts escort honolulu spines Fig. Myrmodirhachis - Mesosoma without spines ……………………… Myrmostenus Fig. The photograph is from AntWeb, Shannon Hartman photographer.

To browse Academia. The photograph is from AntWeb, Harald Bruckner photographer.

Adopting the report and you may imposition away from Martial Law, customers carry out nevertheless move to difficulties the Busco novio gay en new mackay new constitutionality regarding Proclamation Zero.

If the head or the clypeus are modified in the major worker, they are generally even more modified in the female.

We completely excavated Pogonomyrmex harvester ant nests together, and enjoyed it despite receiving multiple painful stings.

The complete set of field data is in the database Access, and we are transfer- ring the records to Arctos where it will be freely available to everyone.

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Key to species complexes 64 20 Anterior half of head very roughly sculptured and with blunt- tipped, golden setae Fig. Anterior half of the head of a major worker of C.

Eyes strongly convex, bulging past sides of head Fig. Head of a worker of C. The insert above the drawing shows the neck seen from the top. I have worked on this genus for nearly 30 years.

Gay toilets high point ant commonly referred to as C.

Se incluyen americanus Mayr, bellacolor especie nueva, castaneus La- treillechromaiodes Bolton, herculeanus Linnaeusjohnsoni especie nueva, laevigatus F. Smithlaevissimus especie nueva, modoc Whee- ler, noveboracensis Fitchpennsylvanicus De Geer quercicola M.

Smith, schaefferi Wheeler y texanus Wheeler. Emery divided Camponotus into 3 cohorts and 26 subdivi- sions called manibulesmany of which later formed subgenera which were characterized by Forel a. Emma received a degree in Scientific Illustration, working under the direction of Mr.

Karoly Fogasi, and has illustrated much of our work, as well as painted birds and other animals that look like they could fly or walk off the canvas.

Russian sweeden 47 drum magazine 7297
MEDFORD ME ONLINE FREE Retrieved 22 February

It is distributed throughout the world and appears to have more species in Africa than does Pheidole, which may result in the genus having a higher of species than Pheidole when the world fauna is completely understood.

The large size and the flattened clypeus of the major worker and female make the complex easier to recognize the minors usu- ally have a longitudinal raised area where the carina is found in other subgenera.

Leave some of your mounted and labeled specimens with the curator and you will be welcome to return. The key should work to identify major workers, as well as minor workers and females.

Busco novio gay en new mackay 22 January

To make matters worse, several other genera in the Camponotini are probably synonyms of Camponotus, such as Overbeckia and South sunbury shemales. Thus, I have decided to publish the revision in a of smaller volumes, and to try to make each volume as user friendly as possible.

Shoulder of pronotum often swollen, sometimes nearly forming carina Fig. Head and pronotum of a minor worker of C. Commonly collected; majors large with well-developed clypeal carina Fig. Scape with abundant, erect and suberect setae Fig. Head wider posterior to eyes Fig. The photograph is from AntWeb, Ryan Perry photographer.

All of the subgenera were provisionally synonymized by Brown Bolton, Although most subgenera are probably not monophyletic groups, it seems wise to continue to recognize a smaller of sub- genera containing species that are morphologically similar possibly due to convergent evolutionto make it possible to deal with groups of smaller s of species.

In this revision members of the subgenus Camponotus the her- culeanus species Phone number of call girl in highland will be among the easiest to identify as there are few species.

This list will be used to organize additional volumes of the genus but may be subject to change deletion or expansion as the revision progresses. A few species apparently do not have major workers, making identification more difficult, even to a subgenus. The subgenera and species can be characterized using the major workers and often the females.

Minor workers are smaller and different in form from the major workers. The key to the subcomplexes should work better and it may not be possible to construct a key to the subgenera that will work for all species, further support for the hypothesis that the subgenera are non-monophyletic taxa.

The intention of these groupings is to make identification of species easier, but neither the subgenera nor the species complexes are considered to be monophyletic at this time.

It is typically coriaceous but can be smooth and glossy to punctate and striate. The females or gynes, queens are generally similar to the major worker. Such workers are intermediate be- tween major worker and the minor worker, in size and structure of the head.

Fine Busco novio gay en new mackay setae may also be present on most surfaces.

The petiole is generally moderately thickened, and sometimes has a sharp apex. Shoulder of pronotum with carina, or at least noticeably Massage north end upland Fig.

Pronotum of a major of C. Cheeks indented, with concave surfaces laterally surrounded with carinae Fig. Truncated parts of the he of major workers of C. Sides of clypeus strongly diverging anteriorly, making clypeus look somewhat bell-shaped Fig 51 ; continental Americas ………… Clypeus of a major of C.

Key to species complexes 52 6 5. Have fun with these ants! Major workers are generally needed to identify a species. I plan to publish one volume per year. A few species apparently lack major workers, with only the minor workers present in the nest.

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They escape rapidly when you encounter them under the bark of a log or under a stone, so have all of your collecting materials ready before you start exploring a nest. The genitalia are well developed with most of the parts, especially the parameres, directed ventrally.

The color, sculpture, and pilosity on the other body parts are similar to that of the major worker. HW Head width, maximum excluding eyes Fig. EL Eye length, maximum dimension Fig. SL Scape length, excluding basal condyle Fig.

CL Clypeal length, from tops of posterior lobes of clypeus to anterior me- dian edge Fig. CW Clypeal width, measured at level of tentorial pits Fig. FFL Front femur length Brooklyn popular chat app Fig.

FFW Front femur width maximum Fig. TL total length, from anterior surface of head with head in vertical posi- tion to end of gaster Fig. Total length of a paratype major worker of C. The head was often rotated slightly to show the clypeus as seen directly, making the head appear slightly longer than it is.

She finds the rarest species when we are in the field, and spends a considerable amount of time at each nest looking for females and males. It is also possible to establish an ant farm with such a female. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google.

Hombro del pronoto con una Busco novio gay en new mackay, o al menos notablemente hinchado Fig.

Unfortunately, Forel was not able to see all of the species, and thus many species were placed in subgenera with completely unrelated ants. There are 14 New World species of the subgenus Camponotus, including 3 new species.

The minor workers and males are of little use in identification and characterization of the species. Truncation involving only clypeus, cheeks and mandibles Fig. Left half of the head of a major worker of Colobopsis abdita showing the posterior edge of the clypeus, which is not in the same plane as the remainder of the clypeus.

It is such a complicated group with such a large of species, it must be revised in pieces or in regional studies, before we will be able to come to a com- plete understanding of the genus.

Maxillary and labial palps of C. The head nearly always has some erect or suberect setae, especially posteriorly and in the central region. Often the mesosoma is slightly depressed near the notopropodeal suture but can even be strongly Escorts in nowra id pressed much below the level of the remainder of the mesosoma in some species.

The mesosoma it is generally convex dorsally but may be flattened and may be shorter than the length of the head excluding the mandibleswhich is useful for recognizing subgenera.

A short summary of this paper. Creighton concluded that it is clearly impossi- ble to separate many of the intergrading subgenera, but most myrmecol- ogists have been willing to accept the large of poorly defined subgenera for the sake of stability and ease of handling of the large num- ber of species.

Generally, the dorsum is moderately shiny, with transverse striolae, but ranges from completely smooth and glossy to completely dull and opaque.

The gaster is nearly identical to that of a major worker of the same species may be larger. Soon some of the volumes became too large to publish as a single works.

Mis- spellings in localities on the specimen data labels were corrected in brack- ets. The photograph is from Ant- Web, Michele Esposito photographer.

The minors of most species cannot be identified to species without major workers but are sometimes important in separating similar species.

Retrieved Busco novio gay en new mackay March

Many of the nests took Free fucking girls pictures in united kingdom than 60 hours of labor to excavate.

Some nests were more than 4 meters deep and one nest had workers in galleries under the water table. The keys have line drawings, in addition to black and white photographs or colored photographs whenever necessary.

The tent of- fered little protection as the rain would leak through the fabric and form puddles inside the tent, but she rarely complained about her cold soggy sleeping bag, which was in the same condition she was.

You may collect undescribed species as you accumulate ants, especially from the Neotrop- ics. She may be able to continue a colony. A plastic box with lid can be used to hold a trowel or more of ants and soil to go through later at your leisure. It will take a considerable amount of effort, but soon you will recog- nize the Camponotus species in your area.

The clypeus is sometimes elongated, and generally has a well-de- veloped longitudinal carina.

The erect Busco novio gay en new mackay suberect setae on the scapes of all castes of C.

The anterior femur is thickened in some of the species which nest in twigs and the shape is important in separating species complexes. Recheck your identifications occasionally, as you have probably made mistakes, at least initially. I have struggled through long keys without figures, or diag- nostic details, without a refence collection, and with little knowledge of the group.

The maxillary and labial palps are de- veloped, with four and six segments respectively Fig.

The antennal scape is usually elongated and generally passes beyond the posterior Lady looking sex colesville eral corner of the head. Anterior part of head obliquely or transversely truncate Figs. Volumes may include combinations of species complexes that are not similar nor closely re- lated.

The entire head of some species is covered with erect or suberect setae. Bolton lists 47 current subgenera. They are rarely aggressive, do not sting, and spray only small amounts of formic acid.

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Some species are bicolored or have specific patterns of color on the gaster, usually due to the colors of dense appressed setae.

If you can travel to a city with a large collection, write to the curator for permission to visit, take your ants with you and check the identifications in the museum, possibly with types.

The shape of the head and clypeus are important in separating subgenera and species complexes.

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We usually spend 2 - 4 weeks in each country and have returned to many countries where the ant fauna is poorly known. The other legs are little modified, but the and placement of erect and suberect setae on the tibiae are important for separating species.

Palladini et Busco novio gay en new mackay.

When comparisons are made between species, they are of the ma- jors, unless otherwise specified. The insertion of the scape to the head is at some distance from the posterior edge of the clypeus, usually at least two scape diameters. Although Camponotus is a difficult genus that has been mostly ignored, species identification is not as difficult as it is in thief ants of the genus Solenopsis Pacheco and Mackay, or ants the genus Hypoponera Dash and Mackay, under revision.

It is sometimes possible to identify a species based solely on the females; in other species the minor may be useful in identification. In some cases, a frontal view of the clypeus is included to show details of the anterior border and African grey breeders in weymouth the clypeus as it actually looks when viewed directly.

Erect and suberect setae, Busco novio gay en new mackay pubescence, sculpture and color as in major.

The propodeum may be completely rounded between the dorso- propodeum and the posteropropodeum, may be angulate, shelf-like, or even have processes or even teeth.

During much of our field work we slept on the ground, using a single person backpack tent only when Salt lake city naked dating rained or snowed.

I was trained as an ecologist, and most of my work has been done in ecology. I usually place the illustrations on the same as the key couplets that refer to it, avoiding the flipping of s back and forth.

Mesopleuron covered primarily with parallel striae Fig. The stippled areas near the top of the mesosoma are swollen areas or nearly formed carinae Wil- liam Mackay photographer. Key to subgenera 26 - Truncation involves other parts of the head in addition to the clypeus, cheeks, entire clypeus and mandibles Fig.

Front femur short and swollen Fig. Anterior femora of major workers of C. Pronotal shoulder swollen, nearly forming or with actual carina Fig. Myrmeurynota - Pronotal shoulder rounded Fig. Mesosoma and petiole of a major worker of C. Mesosoma of a major Sexy women wants casual sex longmont of C.

Continental Americas; pronotal shoulder rounded Fig. Hypercolobopsis - Caribbean Islands; shoulder swollen or forming carina Fig. Maniella Carina paradoxus sphaericus Fig. He and mesosomata of major Female work out partner 24 hour newark of C.

Mackay photographer. The males apparently do not have character- istics to even sort them to subgenus. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Sometimes more than one key is provided to double check your identifications. Clypeal carina usually completely lacking, with the surface of clypeus flat or broadly rounded Fig.

Clypeus of a major worker of C. The photograph is from AntWeb, April Nobile pho- tographer. Asking her to marry me was one of the best decisions I have made.

The genus currently consists of poorly defined groups in which species identification is nearly impossible.

The mesosoma of the female is robust and developed for flight, with well-developed wings. Cheek lacking erect and suberect setae Fig. Mesosoma broadly convex from promesonotal suture to near at- tachment of petiole Fig. Mesosoma of a major of C. Key to species complexes 88 49 Dorsum of mesosoma flattened at least mesonotum and dorso- propodeum and slender dorsoventrally Fig.

Dorsum of mesosoma weakly convex Fig. Outline of the mesosoma of a minor worker of C. Vista lateral de la cabeza de la obrera mayor de C. Vista lateral de la cabeza de la obrera menor de C.

Lado de la cabeza de una obrera mayor de C. Hombro del pronoto con una carina, o al menos notablemente hinchado Fig. We have collected in all of the lower providences of Canada, all of the US states including Alaska and Hawaiiall of the Mexican estados, all Central American countries except Honduras and all of the South American countries except the Guianas.

We have collected in most Euro- pean countries as well as Israel. Santschi introduced 4 additional subgenera and commented on some of the others. Brady et al.

Key to subgenera 30 - Clypeus of major and usually minor and female with well-de- veloped carina Fig. Mesosoma usually short Fig.

Myrmobrachys Fig. Side view of a Beautiful nude wives worker of C. Myrmentoma Fig. Mesosoma deeply depressed at notopropodeal suture Fig.

The photo- graph is of C. Mesosoma of a worker of C. Petiole thickened as seen in profile Fig.

Dendromyrmex Side posterior face Fig. Side and posterior views of the petiole of a worker of C. Myrmaphaenus Fig. Side view of the mesosoma, petiole and first gastral tergum of a major worker of C.

Parte anterior de cabeza oblicua o transversalmente truncada Fig. Vista lateral de la cabeza de las obreras mayores de C. Cabeza de la obrera mayor de C. Hombro pronotal hinchado, casi formando carina o actualmente con carina Fig.

Myrmeurynota - Hombro pronotal redondeado Fig. Pseudocolobopsis Carina en el hombro pronotal Fig. Mesosoma de una obrera mayor de C. Hypercolobopsis - Islas del Caribe; hombro hinchado o formando carina Fig.

Manniella Carina paradoxus sphaericus Fig. Cabeza y mesosoma de las obreras mayores de C.

Cabezas de las obreras mayores de C. Mesosoma con varias espinas no apareadas Fig. Myrmodirhachis - Mesosoma sin espinas Longitud total del mesosoma Fig. Cabeza y mesosoma visto del lado de la obrera mayor de C. Mesosoma de la obrera mayor de C. Mesosoma profundamente deprimido en sutura notopropodeal Fig.

Mesosoma de una obrera de C. Dendromyrmex Lado Posterior Fig. Tanaemyrmex Fig. The key includes the following species complexes, groups of species that look morphologically similar, and hopefully some are monophyletic groups.

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This has resulted in blank spaces in the keys, where you can make notes and sketches. The best strategy for species identification of carpenter ants is to start with the species complexes key this volume to become familiar with complexes in your area or the area where you obtained your specimens.

In other species the mesosoma is much longer than the length of the head. Most species are dark brown, but color ranges from pale yellow to black. If the nest is under a stone, move it and plug the nest entrance into the soil with a finger or thumb as quickly as possible.

The petiole is often thicker than it is in the workers and may have a concave Australia swinger wives 75 seen from the front even with two dorsolateral angles. Propodeum armed with sharp, unpaired, often double-toothed processes Fig.

Mesosoma deeply constricted at notopropodeal suture Fig. Outline of the mesosoma of a major worker of C. Key to species complexes 54 8 7. Often with abundant appressed, silver or gold setae on most sur- faces Fig. The photograph is from AntWeb, Estella Ortega photographer.

The specific positions of the setae are often useful for separating species. Calomyrmex glauerti has shelf-like protuberances on the pronotum like members of the subgenus Myrmeurynota.

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Il- lustrated keys to the subgenera and to the species complexes of Campono- tus are included, as well as colored plates of the species.