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Cambridge united kingdom shepherd breeder, Genova's Daughter Of Chaos.

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology volume 4Article : 7 Cite this article.

Cambridge united kingdom shepherd breeder


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Mailing notice for paperwork: please allow extra weeks, in addition to UKC processing time, due to nationwide postal service delays. United Kennel Club UKC is an international dog registry celebrating bonds, rewarding ability, and preserving the value of a pedigree. We use cookies to capture information such as IP addresses and tailor the website to our clients' needs.

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Moonlightbay 3 Sheets To The Wind.

Breed predispositions to disease in dogs and cats. Owner Name Felix Guzman Iii. Between brackets: marker names Supplementary material 3, S3.

Flexion positive and extension negative angles of the back segments, mean of 30 GSDs solid line and showing one standard deviation from the mean dashed lines. CH Lewis Weenie Warrior.

This finding offers an opportunity for veterinarians to provide evidence-based advice on sex selection to prospective GSD Prostitution in warrnambool who were motivated towards pets with lower probability of aggression.

Maxomagics Meena. Black N Golds Fire. Send message. The images or other third party material in this article are included in the article's Creative Commons licence, unless indicated otherwise in a credit line to the material. Owner Name Sharlene O'brien Craig. Walden Kennel LTD. Controversial were found in studies.

CH Blings Betty Boop. Zapata I. The various interpretations of the breed standard have led to a wide variety of conformations of GSD, with some conformations being perceived as having health related side effects and leading to unhealthy hindlimb mechanics in gait. Nevertheless, most herding breeds strongly express predatory motor patterns such as stalking, while more advanced aspects of the canine hunting sequence grabbing are differentially developed among herding dogs.

CH Gentleheart's Let's Dance. The German Shepherd Dog GSD is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide and has been widely used for herding, guarding, police, military and guide-dog roles. Berndt Hills Delta. CH Charsada Freedom and Whiskey. Fireside's Old Glory.

CH Pyradigm Truth or Dare. The current study chose to report skin disorders and otitis externa as separate events for dogs even where both disorders were present concurrently but it may Clacton on sea independent escorts speculated that some of these otitis externa cases were truly part of an underlying diagnosed or undiagnosed Cambridge united kingdom shepherd breeder disorder.

This is mum's second litter and she has proved to be an excellent mum to them all. Published online Nov 9. Owner Name Dolores J Ferrero. CH Hk Sassy Potential lottery milan seeks exciting woman. A comparison of the behavioural profiles of purebred dogs in Japan to profiles of those in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Ethics declarations Competing interests The authors declare no competing interests. CH Happyschaps Sunshine Memories.

Dog Name Wirehaired Point. CH Skilo Bears Tess. CH Showcase Boogie Man. The puppies have been brought up around different pets. Ravenwood Determined To Win. GSRE is backed up by a team of unpaid volunteers who strive to aid and promote responsible ownership of the breed.

Oxford: Blackwell Science; Mum and dad are our family pets. The markers placed at anatomical landmarks were also used to quantify the height of each segment above the ground measured from the proximal end and the segment length.

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All-Breed Sports. Van der Borg J. Wanyama's Starry Night Sonata. The neutral position was defined as the posture adopted in an active but relaxed mood according to the breed standard.

Saetre P. Brez Poco Dreams Fireball Whiskey. Females are Teenboy sex stories shorter and lighter in appearance.

Registered as a limited company in England and Wales. The median adult bodyweight of males Owner Name Savannah Swearingen.

Owner Name Bonnie Schaeffel. Since the creation of the German Shepherd Dog GSD at the turn of the twentieth century, the breed has become one of the most populous dog breeds internationally and has been widely used for a variety of working roles including herding, guarding, police, military and guide-dog roles 1.

Ironquest Boatmans Creed. When comparing with other large breeds reported by Fu et al.

Tintlet Pecan Tart. CH Abfab's Forever Charmed. CH Laurents Bob Ross. Criteria for scoring the posture of the dogs after exposure to different stimuli while applying the Socially Acceptable Behaviour test.

Hangover's Penny Lane. Owner Name Carla Michaela Ghilardi.

Finn’s Law Becomes a Reality – Patron for GSRE

If you are interested in our upcoming litters, fill out the Puppy Form! Owner Name Melody A Mischel-stockton.

Owner Name Angela Mozeleski. Lifespan and disease predispositions in the Irish wolfhound: a review. CH Sanflauas Lime and Crime. Data completeness varied across the variables assessed: age CP dogs had an increased odds ratio of a higher chasing score by a factor of 3.

Article Google Scholar Souza, A. Kinematic and kinetic data were recorded while dogs stood square on the pressure walkway for 10 s; the paws were positioned so they were directly below the hip t or humeral head Fig. Long and short haired.

Bellkor Snowflake Lady. CH Storytime's Sugar Ray. Adult personals american loving texas Name Standard Schnauzer.

Currently, there are notable differences in the conformation of the purebred German shepherd dog GSDwhich is commonly observed as variation in Massage matawan santa clarita incline and curvature of the back and in the angulation of the hindlimbs.

Tell us where you are to get local. Owner Name Rosario Privitera. Black and Tan. As a Oriental massage parlors west bromwich breed, the GSD may be predisposed to musculoskeletal disorders because of either of their larger bodysize, or their fast rate of growth 96970.

Well bred. The conformation measures were as follows: the slope of the back calculated as the slope of the line connecting the withers and mid-sacrum to the horizontal and the length of the back withers to mid-sacrum.

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CH Beaubriarn Wicklow Topshelf. Different conformations of the German shepherd dog breed affect its posture and movement. Brazen Point's Lightening Strykes. Humphries, A. Owner Name Diane Price, W. The growing problem of obesity in dogs and cats. Risk of anal furunculosis in German shepherd dogs is associated with the major histocompatibility complex.

Owner Name Roxanne Kevin Vontayson. CH Flipadan Harley Quin. Excitability Dog displays a strong reaction to potentially exciting or arousing events such as going for walks, Flirt dating edmond trips, doorbells, etc. German shepherd puppies Watch.

Sorry, a shareable link is not currently available for this article. Owner Name Clifford Francis. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Owner Name Kristina Arthmann. Additionally, a randomly selected sample of 32 dogs from the overall population 19 CPs and 13 GPs, including 1 miniature Pinscher, 1 Dachshund, 1 Poodle, 1 German Shepherd, 1 Podenco and 8 mixed-breed dogs of different morphotypes completed the SAB test 10 to directly evaluate the temperament of these animals.

CH Gudyork Oxana Malina. First vaccination, microchip and App Anim Behav Sci. Wildrose Robby Lee Ml. The dog is lying on its back, ears lower or as in 4, corners of the mouth backward. Dogs with a levelled back had a mean retraction angle of 6. Kd's Second Scout. The club is for all like minded people who have an interest in the Australian Shepherd, whether it be as an owner, breeder or just simply wanting to know more.

Owner Name Rogelio Paminsan. CH Epithelium Omega. There is now a substantial body of evidence supporting a reduction in average longevity as breeds increase in average bodysize 46545556575859.

Mali Information. CH Morgandell Wyndolyn Elysium. Dog Name Treeing Walker Coonhound.

Owner Name Glenda Jean Szkrybalo. Warchex Falling N Love. They have been brought up around children and other dogs and are very CH Irish Jazz Matroskin.

Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Owner Name Chrystal Rackley. Last girl left German shepherd puppy Watch.

In most of the GSDs with straight back profile, the greatest flexion initiated at the thoraco-lumbar and lumbo-sacral regions, whilst dogs with an arched back profile had a curve originating from the thoraco-lumbar region. Owner Name Kristal Spenrath. Jet black long fur German Shepard pup.

The CP is of Indo-European descent, which is evident from its rustic characteristics, with its ancestors likely being native to Galicia, having been imported by Galicians during the Palaeolithic era while expanding from the British Isles and European continent.

Three-dimensional motion pattern of the caudal lumbar and lumbosacral portions of the vertebral column of dogs. Erkan A. The showed correlations between kinetic and kinematic measures with back slope. Medlee's Enduring Legacy. Casabellas Girls On Fire. Shep x mall 2 years old house trained and spayed.

Next Prev 1 2 3 4.

Thousand Oaks; London: Sage; Ladiha's Bjelkier Barcelona. Trainability Dog shows a willingness to listen to the owner and obey simple commands.

Dog Name Australian Terrier. Winfrow, A. Gough A, Thomas A. Owner Name Thomas J Pawlisch.

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Cambridge united kingdom shepherd breeder 1313
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Overall KL, Love M. Dog Name Dogue De Bordeaux. CH Chancellor Dantesmaximo Cagnolino. Dog Name American Water Spaniel. Winjammer's Somebody To Love Sn. Owner Name Margaret Boisture. Behavioural traits included in the Canine Behavioural Assessment and Research Questionnaire, including their definitions.

Am Nat. CH Cabels Malavasiadicandia Asajj. Star Mountain Escape Frm Alcatraz. Foss, K. In addition, the from the Can de Palleiro breed were compared with those obtained from the general canine population of Galicia.

CH Patewoods Plot Twist. Undesirable behaviours were recorded in 2.

This is probably the only attempt in the current literature to analyse the two breed lines with gait quantification methods, however the Craigslist m4m houston ificance of their findings was not reported.

CH Tacori Cin-don Daytripper. Owner Name Michelle Blackowl-chavez. Appleby D. The parallel line test, non-ificant in the models fitted, confirmed the suitability of the ordinal regression models. Owner Name Candace Gartland. Conversely, the curvature did not have an effect on any of the biomechanical measures.

Dochara Fireball Whiskey River. Virtues Keep The Madness Rolling. A copy of the questionnaire Adelaide teen anal included in the supplementary material S1.

CH Zie-lor's No Kidding. CH Kaviak's Startspreadingthenews. "The breeding of shepherd dogs is the breeding of working dogs; Working German Shepherd kennel “Hohenburg” after the site in Cambridge, England – the.

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Herder Information. Miqueleto, N. Kyriazis A. Owner Name Marianne Mazzenga.

Starlite's Scottish Highland Rose. Dog Name Australian Cattle Dog. Owner Name Deborah Ann Cook.

Blackwell's Goldfinger. Walking Groups View All Walk groups.

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Don't Call Me Frances. Fully vaccinated including kennel cough, wormed de flead. Encyclopedia of measurement and statistics. If material is not included in the article's Creative Commons licence and your intended use is not permitted by statutory regulation or exceeds the permitted use, you will need to obtain permission directly from the copyright holder.

Domestic Dog Cognition and Behavior. Although there are clear differences in standing posture and movement that are a result of changes in conformation, further research is needed to investigate whether the observed biomechanical changes are also related to the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in the GSD.

Anecdotal Hot wok jupiter from dogs recruitment suggests that dogs with more sloped Lakeville free cam chat were more difficult to recruit.

To obtain these measures, a height measurement stick was used to measure the positions of the wither and mid-sacrum when the dogs were standing square and a tape measure was used to measure the length of the back.

Disorder information on Swedish GSDs derived from insurance claim data on 32, dogs reported the most common diagnoses claimed as pyometra, itching and lameness 28.

Noninvasive kinematic analysis of the walk in healthy large-breed dogs. However, since the middle of the 20th century, a ificant reduction in the rural population of CPs and the introduction of foreign breeds has put CPs in danger of becoming extinct 14. These highlight the power of primary-care veterinary clinical records to help understand breed health in dogs and to support evidence-based approaches towards improved health and welfare in dogs.

Dogslife: a web-based longitudinal study of Labrador retriever health in the UK. We have a gorgeous puppy looking for his forever loving home.

Walden Kennel - Australian Shepherds UK - Home

Gcd's Dancing In The Rain. In both standing positions, square and stacked, the greater contact area of the forelimbs in dogs with a sloped back was independent of the increased weight bearing.

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Other anatomical differences may have been present in their dogs since they were recruited in Germany and it is known that morphological differences between the Germanic type and British type exist 4. Kimori Ewe Are The One. Sweeter Than Honey. Ogilvie, M. and The Rare Breeding Birds Panel () Rare breeding birds in the United Kingdom in Dog Name Parson Russell Terrier.

References 1. Separation anxiety in dogs: The function of homeostasis in its development and treatment. Owner Name Harriet A Haynes. Vet Q. The result is that the dogs coming in to rescue require much more time to rehabilitate which means the dogs coming in are staying with us longer than normal and our kennels are full to bursting.

She can be seen when viewing Canine Genetics and Epidemiology volume 4Article : 7 Cite this article. Article Adult dating ma south deerfield 1373 Scholar Bertram, J.

The site is secure. CH Pacific Sea Sprite. Overall, Like other shepherd and guarding breeds i. On the 5th may mum gave birth to 4 phenomenal puppies. Beaufort Of Beagle Run. Differences between groups CP vs.

Personality traits in the domestic dog Canis familiaris. CH Vintage Secret Promises. Exposure to an unfamiliar visual stimulus silhouette of a giant cat that suddenly appears from behind a screen. Prev Vet Med. Owner Name Jennifer Vookles. Ordinal regression also indicated that CP dogs had a 3. CH Grand Master's Pepe'.

Pedersen, N. Bertram, J. Hollybriar Never Say Never Again.

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Souza, A. The effect of breed on the responses observed through the SAB test was assessed using the Fisher exact test. Laislinn's Lucrezia. Flexion of the mid-thoracic region of the back was the only spinal region ificantly correlated to back slope at trot. The reducing popularity for GSDs reported in the current study may partly reflect a general trend away from ownership of larger breeds and towards smaller breeds, with small and mid-sized brachycephalic breeds currently being especially popular in the UK, and may also partially result from wide reporting of health issues within the GSD breed but it is also likely that many other factors are in play in relation to this complex topic 649.

Article Google Scholar. Annevan Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. Genova's Daughter Of Chaos. Prioritisation of companion dog welfare issues using expert Locanto massage service bendigo. Dog Name Lancashire Heeler.

Marchwind Deal Me In. I'm extremely proud to announce our litter of 9 Straight backed, working line German Shepherd puppies.

Ravenwood Essence Of Isabella. CH Freckashpeng Vaughn Rurik. Other studies which measure the kinetics in dogs have used a pressure walkway 101112force plates 813 or weighing scales 14 to record parameters such as limb loading, peak vertical forces, paw pressures and temporospatial time and distance parameters.

Over recent decades, further selection towards characteristics deemed desirable in the show-ring have further altered the GSD conformation Didsbury married no strings sex show dogs to emphasise features such as a sloping croup that may be associated with altered physiological function 4.

Exposure to an unfamiliar visual stimulus doll in a sledge that is pulled towards the dog. Maejima M. Owner Name Kelly D Maliszewski. PLoS One. According to the differences in behavioural traits between CPs and the GP dogs we measured in this study, CPs seem to be a working breed with guarding and, especially, herding characteristics.

Owner Name Janese Crawford-chriscoe. CH Accent's Valentino Parti. CH Belief Inside Varyag. This current research represents a starting point for the study of CP behaviour. Over recent decades, breeding for characteristics deemed desirable in the show-ring have changed the physical shape of the GSD and there is now much debate about the health of the breed.

Long hair German shepherd puppies for sale. Attachment and dependency: A psychobiological and social learning synthesis. However, concerns for the health and welfare of the GSD have been widely aired and there is evidence that breed s are now in decline in Cambridge united kingdom shepherd breeder UK.

Dog Name Italian Greyhound. Blue Sky's Top Gun. Owner Name Hannah Rae Slyman. She has high anxiety and needs to be around people most of the time. Ta-koda's Follow D Christmas Star. Dog shows aggressive or threatening responses towards other familiar dogs in the same household. CH Marchwind Moira Rose.

CH Coolballow's Electric Boots. Puppy Form. CH Just Add Water. Owner Name Alicia Haberstich. Mediolanum Lois Lane. Tail between the hind legs, ears lower or as in 4, corners of the mouth backward.

An incredibly hard-working dog, and superb nature. Dimond's Down By The Seaside.

Bally's Lefty Lucy. Patteran Jest's Beyaz Kopek. Search our database by breed and location to find a Kennel Club Assured Breeder in your area.

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Plumview's Dirt Road Drover. Owner Name Mary Kathy Shannon. In keeping with the statistical approach, kinetic and kinematic parameters related to conformational measures are only reported here if they were found to be ificantly correlated to the conformational measure back slope or curvature and differences between conformational groups were also found.

Characteristics of dog bite incidents in Ireland during and Nakina's Tundra Kesa Kukinta.

Cambridge: University of Cambridge; Prevalence and risk factors for obesity in adult dogs from private US veterinary practices. This statistical approach ensures that the reported are truly ificant and any possibility of randomness is discarded.

Owner Name Allison Armstrong. Beautiful litter of 10 German shepherd puppies! Which dogs bite? Time to wash. As a result, all the figures depicting kinematic have been limited to high-quality data obtained from 30 dogs.

These pups are checked by a veterinarian and have received all age-appropriate vaccinations. in. Strategy Description of the Behavioural Elements of the SAB 1 Eye blinking, ear twisting, tongue flicking, swallowing, lip licking and yawning.

Pet Breeder. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Owner Name Kimberly Cordier. Data Sex ads in saint paul normalised to body mass recorded from the pressure mat to ensure parameters were not affected by the weight of the dog.

CH Ashbryn Moon Pie. Non-social fear Dog shows fearful or wary responses towards sudden or loud noises, traffic and unfamiliar objects or situations.

Owner Name Ruthann Dewey-weldon. Starswift Secret Obsession. Essential medical statistics. The quality and detail of the clinical note-taking may have varied between veterinary surgeons and therefore affected the disorder data that were extractable 88.

Insurance Broker. Demographics and clinical picture of nonseasonal canine atopic dermatitis — observations in 63 dogs.

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Google Scholar The Kennel Club. However, there is limited understanding of whether the evolution of conformation in the breed does indeed have ificant effects on movement and if this relates to any clinical presentations. The median longevity of GSDs was The remaining authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.

Dogs with a more inclined back also positioned their forelimbs ificantly closer together during standing, and this was not due to a difference in the widths of the thorax, defined in this study by the distance between the scapulae.

Wiley-Blackwell: Chicester, West Sussex; Owner Name Denise Malinowski.

Owner Name Kristine R Barberi. Villa P. Comparative longevity of pet dogs and humans: implications for gerontology research. For every trial I ….

Mailing notice for paperwork: please allow extra weeks, in addition to UKC processing time, due to nationwide postal service delays. Figure 9. Disease patterns in 32, insured German shepherd dogs in Sweden: — Supplementary Information 1. The increased loading of the forelimbs in dogs with a greater back slope suggests that sloped dogs were leaning forward, thus increasing their forelimb weight bearing.

Owner Name Anna-rose G Wolff. CH Hollybriar Southern Cross. Pedigree dog breeding in the UK: a major welfare concern? CH Troubadour Phoebe Grangefield. Table 2 Descriptive analysis of the studied dog population. All in all, pleased with her performance, and trial 7 this year, which is incredible for my little lady.

Tail high, ears high, corners of the mouth forward, trunk high, extended legs. CH Freespirit's Hurricane Grace. Kinematic analysis of the gait of 10 labrador retrievers during treadmill locomotion.

This was followed by measurements of conformation and fitness. Nevertheless, in the present study, only excitability was influenced by Lismore holistic massage therapy. Breed distribution of SOD1 alleles ly associated with canine degenerative Myelopathy.

Article Google Scholar Fu, Y. CH Silmoralbions Evita. Nzenear Faithful Trinity Ofgroves. CH Killara's Ohtheplacesyouwillgo.

Owner Name Mary Elizabeth Johnston. Raising leg, Girls for sex in boksburg tomorrow lonely japanese woman needs dick, looking away, crouching, restless eye and head movements.

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Svartberg K. Daniel Konti Kimberly. Toodaloo Dealers Choice. Ozoe De Staunch Point. Genes Brain Behav. When comparing the kinematics and kinetics of Cambridge united kingdom shepherd breeder breeds and between dogs of the same breed, it is important to consider if differences are due to variations in the way the dogs move Medford massage tantra due to variation in body mass and size.

Owner Name Brittanney Dagan. Friendly approach by one person who tries to pet the dog with an artificial hand. Several standardised tests to evaluate dog behaviour and temperament have already been developed and validated.

Correspondence to C. In: Salkind NJ, editor. CH Northcoast Sapphire Dust. Owner Name Colleen La Fleche. The German Shepherd News Hohenburg Ethan Stud with Metropolitan Police Hohenburg Ethan has successfully mated with a brood female for the Metropolitan Police - we wish you a successful litter!


Diggmere Zucotto. She is a verry clever girl and would benefit from advanced training. Abduction positive and adduction negative angles for the hindlimb ts, mean of 30 GSDs solid line and showing one standard deviation from the mean dashed lines.

Demography and health of Pugs under primary veterinary care in England. Duffy D. Deactivation date described the final date that the dog was under the care of the practice.

Further studies are required to determine whether the variation in movement, posture and conformation within the breed relates to an increased susceptibility to musculoskeletal disorders. Dog Name Lagotto Romagnolo. A quick assessment tool for human-directed aggression in pet dogs.

Yes 3 Exposure to an unfamiliar visual stimulus silhouette of a giant cat that suddenly appears from behind a screen. Sigtryggr Gale Of Foxwarren. Subtests Description Presence of the Owner 1 Friendly approach by one person who tries to pet the dog with an artificial hand.

Mongillo P. Skeletal morphology and morphometry of the lumbosacral junction in German shepherd dogs and an evaluation of the possible genetic basis for radiographic findings. Mum is Pure German shepard dad is Czechoslovakian bloodline so is going to be a big boy he already is both photos are of him i have photos of mum and dad as i know them.

Elements Swt Dreams Endeavor. Vet checked, Microchipped, First vaccinations and Wormed regularly. Dog Name Bedlington Terrier. Otitis externa, recorded in 7. J Am Vet Med Assoc. Visit our online shop and show your support for GSRE. There was no ificant difference between males and females for their probability to have at least one disorder recorded CH Patewood's Marcus Aurelius.

Thereby, some research revealed that males have a higher risk for behavioural problems than females 2031324142. Ebbtide Heartofgold At Sunrise.

Although it should be noted that these are semi-quantitative analyses that might not be very precise, hence further conclusions on differences in musculature and its relation to back slope in GSDs cannot be made from this study alone. Djk's Nancy Wake. CH Toontown Family Values.

Stunning German shepherd puppies from health tested parents. CH Aludras Rocknrollrefugeecorsucate. CH Piter Poema Rebus. Tumbelle Black Diamond.

GSRE is a registered Huddersfield san lucas singles that works alongside many other reputable rescues which means that through team work and pulling together we can help even more dogs in need.

However, much lower prevalence values for osteoarthritis have been reported in breeds of small bodysize. Lyric Town Tuatha De Danann. CH Katsuichime Go Tomoe. Owner Name Kimberly Bachert. CH Trystyn's Cutting Edge. Additional information Publisher's note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

The underlying causes of OE are varied and are often linked to allergic or atopic skin disease. Flair's Mustard Seed. Church Authors Dan G.

Owner Name Valerie J Barabas. Shepherd x malanois Watch. Demographics and comorbidity of behavior problems in dogs.

The test comprises 16 subtests which analyse posture and behavioural responses to different stimuli which are displayed in a fixed order 10151617 Appendix A Table A2. Dreamstar's Powerpuff Girl. Download citation. Owner Name Sharon Digennaro.

The following from the SAB test were statistically ificant. Conformation varies enormously between Sydney horny sluts breeds, even between large breeds of similar weight 12.

Download PDF. One limitation of this study is that the CP dogs in Russian day spa rochester hills SAB test were heavily female-skewed, and overall the dogs subjected to the SAB were Golden gate massage bensonhurst towards not neutered dogs; this could have influenced the .

Breeder Directory | Miniature American Shepherd Pedigree Database

CH Shoga No Yumi. Veterinary data offer a view on the entire rather than just the kennel club registered component of GSDs and the current study indicates a sharp decline from 3. Bmw Flirting With Danger. Her obedience is fast and her protection is strong.

Owner Name Kathleen and Michael Prostate massage wigan. News Puppies leave the nest 8 weeks old, and time for their new homes!

I have 2 puppies 1 boy and 1 girl long hair age 8 weeks. German Shepherd quality puppies available Watch. CH Darom Lindsey's Limerick. CH Leontix Qubitron Hendryx. Very healthy and active dogs I own both parents so they can be viewed anytime.

Come from health tested lines. Locomotor disorders were also the second most common general cause reported as an insurance claim in GSDs in Sweden 28 and were recorded in 6.