55 Amazing Gallery Of Cte In High School Football Players

Ray Easterling NFL players with CTE CBS News
Ray Easterling NFL players with CTE CBS News source www.cbsnews.com

high school football players gq zac easter knew he was suffering from cte so he decided to write it all down—to let the world know what football had done to his body and concussions had done to his brain and then he shot brain injury cte found in of football players brains a new study shows that chronic traumatic encephalopathy cte a degenerative brain disease is mon among american football players football s concussion crisis is killing former high school michael was a quarterback in high school and he went on to play at division iii hampden sydney college susan deramus michael’s wife of nearly 30 years first met michael just after college former gopher football player recruiting players for cte chronic traumatic encephalopathy cte has been diagnosed in the brains of former professional athletes including football players like the late junior seau and aaron hernandez chronic traumatic encephalopathy chronic traumatic encephalopathy cte is a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated head injuries symptoms may include behavioral problems mood problems and problems with thinking symptoms typically do not begin until years after the injuries cte often s worse over time and can result in dementia it is unclear if the risk of concussions in american football concussions and other types of repetitive play head blows in american football have been shown to be the cause of chronic traumatic encephalopathy cte which has led to player s and other debilitating symptoms after retirement including memory loss depression anxiety headaches and sleep disturbances the cte study that could kill football forbes a study showing 110 out of 111 nfl players examined posthumously had cte will give many pause about letting their play football and give many pause about watching it .

The CTE Diaries: The Life And Death Of A High School Football Player Killed By Concussions | GQ

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