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Dean Winchester Sex Stories

Originally posted by justjensenanddean.


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Pairing : Alpha! Dean x Omega! Reader WC : 1. You expect to find a trickster, instead, you find your father. Pairing: Dean Winchester x Nephilim!

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Study Buddy student! Reader has been hunting with the Winchesters for years, she's practically family now. Dirty talking. Chapter One. Chapter Twenty Nine. Other Fanfics Masterlist.

Fully encouraged by twistedanddecayed. Show Me Dean x reader smut - The reader has never given oral before and is embarrassed about it. Pie and sex. You Miss Me or Something? Vi, Sam x OFC! Dean offers his help. Anonymous asked: Hey! Gif credit from Fanpop. Winchester drunk, but when you did, it was magnificent.

Top of Work Index. Dean Winchester Masterlist This is NSFW, Explicit 18+ Content.

A bit of teasing but Dean winchester sex stories clear.

Learning to Love Again. Dean smirked around his coffee mug. Dean x dom! Pairing : Alpha!

The Stranger held you like a cherished thing and you felt lovely under his hands, under his eyes.

Posts Ask me anything! A Unfamiliar Feeling idreamofplaid. Sam, Jack, Castiel Fluff.

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His face would redden slightly; the change of color making his emerald eyes pop all the more brilliantly. Main Masterlist.

You smile and let go, turning to Thor. Dean x Dragon! You stay frozen for a few moments before threading your hands in his hair. In result, she kept her distance, never wanting to get involved with high society, until one fateful night changed her life…forever.

Geelong escort ladyboy and a Demon — Demon! Dean Smith x Omega! In need of a new coach, she gets to know Dean, who is trying to save his carreer. The constant stress and pressure put upon him since he was seemed to melt away, leaving behind the Loki only you knew.

Eye Colors. Wanna Christen the Bed? Day at The Office. Mistakes thxwinchestxrs. You roll the black pearl between your thumb and forefinger anxiously as you watch the stars fly by.

Award Show Ian x Reader x Jensen. The Mountainside Retreat Dean x reader - Dean and reader take a couples vacation to relax and enjoy some time with each other. Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman. Birthday Pie — Happy Birthday, Dean!

She's soothed tears, talked through nightmares, and cared for the boys the best she could. Dirty thoughts turn into dirty actions The answer is no. Belts and Ties — Dean using belts and ties on you.

In this story of heartbreak, survival, friendship, and love; she gets her first taste of the real L.

Hope you enjoy it. Chapter Nineteen. Easy Does It Dean x reader smut - Dean and the reader have slow, sweet sex.

Originally a prompt from jpadjackles many moons ago, now revamped and dedicated to my darling tennesseewhiskey-and-pie in honor of her birthday this week.

You barely have time to open your eyes before Thor shows you a map. Begin Again Massage woodridge sensual x reader - The reader has a strange dream about Dean.

Seriously, no plot. One Night Stand — Dean figures out a way for that one night stand.

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Reader Fluff, some dirty talk Mr. Chapter Three. One shot. I Miss the Misery — smut, angst fic based on the song by Halestorm.

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Dean x sub! He pulls you into another heated kiss, and you take the distraction to your advantage. Feedback is loved. You choke out a sob when you see the little arrow on the digital map.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience. Poor Sammy. Chapter Thirty. Under the Blanket. Broken atwistoffate. You expect to find a trickster, instead, you find your father.

Chapter Fifteen. Quickie — smut Another nonspecific pairing! Surprise Jensen x Reader. And his lip quirked to the side, telling you that whatever his idea is, will end up making you someone he really wants to see.

Top of Work Index. He gently pushes you against the wall and holds your right leg to his waist. With Palm Trees And Such. He motions with his finger towards the doorway and the brunette struts towards him, her hips swaying from side to side as she strips down to nothing but a thong.

It penetrates you like a red hot poker searing into your skin, your veins carrying the heat right to your core. Nowhere To Run Dean x reader - The reader runs into the Winchesters on a hunt but something seems wrong with them.

Five Minutes In Heaven. Eye Colors — smut Soulmate! She does. You see the planet is only a few days trip from where you are. Money gave them everything, while in turn, it had taken something from her.

With tension and teasing high between Dean and the reader will she be able to continue with the date? Originally posted by spn-spam. Tension and angst. See this in the app Show more. She nodded, grinning, and kissed him again as he positioned himself at her entrance and slowly slipped inside.

He comes up with an extra fun way to reward her when she gets an answer right. and Actions Works Bookmarks Filters.

Dean Winchester; the grumpy neighbor who becomes Nigerian scammer in bradford than just a pain in her ass. Summary: On Dean's Birthday, you decide to surprise him with two of the things he loves the most.

Loki picked Sex sexy coquitlam up and placed it in your hands. Dean gently helps you stand and immediately mashes his lips on yours. An Intimate Dance angelkurenai.

Dean x Omega! He proves you wrong.

Dean x reader - Dean winchester sex stories reader is extra grumpy and snaps at Crowley when he calls her bunny.

A Winchester Wedding myloveofwords. Anything georgialouisea. Dean x reader smut - Demon! Yes, Professor Winchester Part 2 Dean x reader smut - The reader shows up a few minutes late to class again and Dean decides its time to have a chat.

Heaven Alpha! Gently, his lips meet yours in a soft, but passionate kiss. Rough Edges. The shower curtain is immediately thrust open, revealing a very naked and very excited Dean. Love was stupid. Come Back Home — angsty When you two realize home is with each other.

What A Sight. Dean Winchester x Now weston classifieds personals

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Adventures In Babysitting Dean x reader - The reader is turned into a toddler by a witch and Dean has to take care of her until he can deal with the witch.

Loki looks confused and a little angry about how much you knew about him, but his eyes are soft, just as they always are when he talks to you.

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Keep reading. I write primarily smut with mature warnings. The Only One I Want — fluff series part one. Restless legs carried you through the quiet Bunker, your socked feet making not a sound on the hard floor. Summary: After a night of hunting, Dean goes home to you. You pull Thor, who has also began shedding tears, into a tight hug.

The amount of family problems in this one is huge. This Surprising Love Alpha!

Chapter Ten. Her life is ruled by contracts, men and money. Female Reader. Dean keeps doing so but starts falling for reader and suspects something is going on.

Originally posted by positivexcellence. SPN FanFic · ~There are few things more sexy than Mr.

Winchester in his red flannel · Dean x Reader · 2, Words · Warnings: NSFW. By: C spnaddict-4lyfe. Hunting solo is a lonely job. Smith Alpha! Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

Dean hisses in pleasure as you grab his cock in your hand, gently Sapulpa ok adult dating online it.

He smiles before heading in the opposite direction. Reader WC: 2. He watched her with dark eyes as she breathed deeply, her body beginning to shake as he circled her swollen bud; her hands wrapped around his neck, pulling his lips down to hers, meeting in a silent kiss.

Not Too Bad. Slices of life as a newly adopted Winchester, and You and Dean navigate this whole relationship thing. Accidents Happen student!

Or His Nightmare.

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Even while dressed in short shorts and a tank top, the summer heat inside the bunker still boiled your insides. Dean Where reader meets him in his bedroom at 3 AM.

Test Run Dean x reader - Sam is cursed on a hunt and Dean and reader have to take care of him in the meantime. Originally posted by starsmish. He never really trusted you, instead confiding in his brother to learn the details of his death and Thanos.

Keep reading. You raced back, sliding like Tom Cruise to your door, and gathered up the mess.

Study Habits —teen! Dean x reader - The reader wakes up one morning to find her uninvited neighbor in her kitchen.

Looking for multiple o s Office AU! Heaven and Hell — Demon! However, Dean has some plans to show you a good time.

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Woke Up Dean x reader - Dean realizes he has feelings for the reader. Originally posted by demondetoxmanual. Pretty Dean x reader - The reader runs into Dean years after she went off to hunt on her own.

Dean where you are new in town and you meet Dean in one of your part time jobs. Relax — Dean fucks you everywhere in the house.

He would relax and seem to float along, letting nothing bother him; no worries, no problems, just enjoying the night.

Birthday Treat Dean winchester sex stories Birthday Dean!

Coming Down — angsty song based on the song by Halsey. Originally posted by justjensenanddean. New In Town — series AU! Dean x unnamed female character. Dean x Omega!

Other Dean winchester sex stories Masterlist.

Are You Sure? Her Other Side — Reader blushes all the time at the slightest things and Dean was proved she has another side, if you know what I mean. My Angel — fluff Jensen professes his feelings for you.

Hello everyone! You had to work, you got caught in a blizzard and frankly the universe might just have it out for you today. Reader Smut Meeting Mr. His black hair shines in the bright light of the sun, and his eyes seem to glow a gentle green.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x F! Shh… Demon! Thor snuck up behind his brother, forcing him to release you, and manages to cuff him.

Another thing about Dean, he was probably the sexiest man you had ever seen in your entire life. Reader Smut, Fluff. I will try my best to begin writing again!

Cold Pines, Warm Times Dean x reader - The reader gets sent forward in time where she meets future Dean who has a baby and is at his wits end. Gif credit from Pinterest. Not So One Sided Dean x reader - The reader has a friends with benefits relationship with Dean but other feelings start to grow.

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill. Dean Reader finds her true mate. Yet, as things start to spiral, she soon realizes that the green eyed resident from next door is a better person than she's given him credit for. Taking A Turn Dean x reader smut - Dean comes home to find the reader dancing in her underwear.

Dean x Teen! The boys were not due back for Dean winchester sex stories few hours and you were bored beyond belief. Warnings: No minors to read this please. It drove you to where you are now.

It was a Tuesday morning and you had just walked into work, always one of the first ones in so you could be prepared for whatever Dean was going to ask of you. Stay Here — sick Dean, what more?

As always, I hope you enjoy! She and the Winchesters may be able to help, but it means facing the things she ran from in the first place. You stuff the pearl in your pocket before heading over to see Thor piloting the small ship you were on.

Broken Wife wants casual sex tx shiner 77984 Dean x reader smut - The reader works at a strip club in order to lure Demon Dean in when she and Sam realize he frequents them.

Lights In The Dark Part 1??? Chapter Twenty Seven. A Complicated Wedding one-shots-supernatural. Dragon Trouble — Virgin! Her clothes, Dean realized, were the same as the day before. His hand twitches at the contact, as if he subconsciously remembered it.

PWP. · A/N: Another treasure. There, in a cheap suit, sitting down at the counter, was the man with Women seeking men roswell new mexico ia hazel eyes. Get an Invitation. Magnolias In The Country carryonmywaywardcaptain.

Originally posted by canonspngifs. That was what you had been telling yourself for most of your life, at least.

As always, happy reading! You remember the day like it was yesterday, though.

Bunny Wabbit Dean x reader - The reader is annoyed with being teased for being short.

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Put a chick in glasses and Little Dean comes out to play. Word Counting: words Created for spnkinkbingo edition. Dean x teen! The Good Guy Dean x reader - The reader is in an abusive relationship until one day her friend Charlie brings the Winchesters over to bring her to a new and safe home.

Chapter Five. Summary: You and Dean prepare for a Looking real sex al birmingham 35234 of fun, but your plans change when one of your kids demands attention.

He slumps against the plush leather, one arm Dean winchester sex stories leisurely across the back while the other lazily pumps up and down his already hard cock until the tip begins to weep.

Or— a story where Millie and Dottie meet at summer camp and decide that their parents should stop being idiots. Occurs after the events of Endgame. During a game of truth or dare, Dean makes an unusual dare that will make serious changes to their friendship….

But nothing explicit, no. His fingers slip in between you, one finger sinking into your heat. Nice ass.

Miss Me? You are in Dean's car looking out at him from the open window, and he is standing right there in front of you.

Like An Animal — dom! Accidents Happen. Insecure — reader is insecure and self conscious. Hot For Hunter Part 2 dom! You had always called him Mr. Dean x Reader x Michael! Reader WC : 1. Forever After Prince! More Dean loving. Warnings: smUT, unprotected sex be safe kiddosoral male receiving.

Reader angst-y Being a bodyguard trainer to Dean! Chapter Twenty. There was no rush, nothing they had to do tonight but lay together in the warm air and enjoy each other. You clench and cry out as your orgasm washes over you in intense waves. Reader Smut.

After he gets you incredibly sexually frustrated one night, you decide to Massage near hamilton him back with a strip tease the next day. Quiet Aftermath Dean x reader implied smut - Dean accidentally hurts the reader during sex and spends the rest of the evening pampering her.

Was this…really happening?

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He gently grasps the hem of your tank top, looking you in the eyes for permission.

You get dressed, something you have failed to do for a long time, and help Thor ready the ship for landing. Lights In The Dark Part 2???

108- How it was for Dean having sex with an angel and for Jensen

Chapter Nine. And two guys. You notice Dean still abruptly, his popsicle quickly melting as he watches you indulge in your treat. Liking Both — Having a crush on both brothers sort of back fires. Pie and sex.

Dean winchester sex stories Four.

If you take requests could I have a Gabriel x reader where Sam and Dean need to get Gabriel out of hiding so they use the Columbus ga singles erotic as leverage?

Hope you enjoy. I write primarily smut with mature warnings. Emma and Devin — smut a personal request.

Dean x reader - The reader gets in a bad accident and is put under the care of Dr. Soon, he breaks the kiss and presses hot, rough kisses on your neck, his hands wandering Dating single women your body.

He slowly breaches you, the both of you moaning at the new, pleasant feeling.

Birthday Treat —Happy Birthday Dean! Instead of Jack dying, Dean sacrifices himself and Crowley demonizes him.

Not Too Bad Pain. My Masterlist. Family part. Personal Bodyguard Part One — after recent events your father gets you a personal body guard. Please consider turning it on! Friendly Rivalry — You and Dean are rival hunters that got married accidentally. Sleepless Night Dean x reader Woodys cedar rapids Dean and the reader have a fight before bed but neither one can seem to fall asleep now.

Originally posted by vampires-from-mystic-falls. Wanna Be Yours Professor! Chapter Two. There are a lot of ups and downs, writing at 2AM all week can be messy, so much more to come next week! You welcome him in the warm heat of your mouth soon later, causing him to cry out and grip your hair tighter.

Start Over Dean x reader smut - Dean and the reader are always fighting but decide to start fresh when they realize they both have some underlying feelings. When you approach, you see a silhouette of a man. Growing Winchesters Dean x reader - The reader is surprised when Mary shows up alive and she has a surprise of her own for Dean.

Dean and you met at Ellen bar. Part Two — smut second installment. Also on AO3 Enjoy! Dean was a great boss, he tiptoed on the fine line between boss and friend, making sure you were comfortable with any task that he gave you.

Originally posted by bringmesomepie Dean gently thrusts into you at first, but you both grow impatient.

He was Dean winchester sex stories with a nice ass.

Dean x Omega! It was beyond romantic. Story follows a new character still in development who will bring Destiel together at last. The Dark Alpha! Opens in new window notes Text Post posted 3 years ago.

How many days has it been since your world fell apart? Kittens of Letters Dean x Reader Fluff. Kink, sub! The Boy Next Door neighbor! What We Want Alpha! No matter how long it takes.

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The Demon Angel — fluff This is the first installment. Your heart aches to just see him again, to just hold him again. Pairing : Dean x Plus Size! Despite the warm blankets, your body shivered as soft and warm kisses were placed on your neck, a scruffy beard tickling you, causing you to giggle.

Remind Me Alpha! You mostly plan with Thor on where to land, but on your off time, your thoughts flood with him. Your words get caught in your throat as he leans in slowly, as if he was giving you a chance to back out. Chapter Four. Fall Days teen! Training Days Dean x reader - Dean tries to teach the reader hunting but they realize he might be too hard Craigslist oxnard wy personals her.

My full masterlist: My Babies. Suddenly overcome with Single granny flirt mom desire, you eyed the long hallway and smirked at your own idea.

Chapter Sixteen. Was… was he thinking about you?? Holiday and Mistletoe — fluffy plus size! Safe — smut Poe thought that the First Order killed you then you reunite.

Summary: Halloween was around the corner when Jensen announced you two were going to wear a matching costume. You still remember his lingering coolness Dean winchester sex stories your hands before you were ripped apart suddenly.

Marked In Mistakes Dean x reader smut - Dean gets too rough during sex and it le to a fight and Dean ends up apologizing to the reader. Keep Me Warm — fluff Chubby Dean! Wake Dean x Reader Smut. Adore you — implied smut You were adopted by John but you grew feelings for Dean.

The pearl had washed up one day on the sand.

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Pairing: au! You freeze as more grunts and moans fill the steamy air. You, along with Loki and Thor, had defeated Hela and began to escape to Earth.

You had convinced Loki to take you to an isolated beach somewhere near Hawaii, which he begrudgingly did. Top Photos. Reader is the only girl in the family.

Both Ways — reader coming out as Bisexual. After being rescued from a vampire nest by Sam and Coquitlam cowboy boots, you bond with the brothers and them on their mission of saving people, and hunting things.

See this in the app Show more. Fics below the cut! Happy Ending — Dean helps you with the knots on your back. Safe Place Dean x reader implied smut - The reader and Dean discuss why the reader has issues with oral sex.

Past Lives Dean x reader smut - The reader was ly an adult film star and when Dean finds out, it ends up causing a problem in the bunker. Meeting Women looking nsa trinchera. Originally posted by jensenandtheboys. Chapter Seven. Stormy Night Dean x reader implied smut - Dean and the reader are stuck in the Impala one night when bad weather rolls through.

Dean x Reader, Demon! Only their Mcallen backpage ts difference causes a problem and Dean Tamara edinburgh escort nothing to do with the reader until things come to a head.

Snowed In. Dean leaves the bunker, working with Crowley in Chicago. He had a way about him that made everyone feel familiar and comfortable.

You crouched down, readied yourself with a deep breath, and then took off into a full run, dropping to your knees after a pace and powersliding across the shining floor passed your bedroom.

The Bodyguard Trainer — Alpha! Rearranging the storyline: Dean was not a demon at the end of S9. Perfectly Fine Dean x reader - Dean is caught by a djin and imagines a happy life for the reader without him in it.

Sirens — When Dean meets with his old mermaid friend. An Indecent Proposal spn-stories. Hope you guys enjoy! Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia. And they can't stand each other. Show Me Part 2 Dean x reader smut - Dean decides to return the favor and show the reader how oral on a woman is done.

Hope you enjoy! Please Smut Responsibly…. Reader Smut, Fluff, Angst. Hot For Hunter sub! Start Of Something New.

The Only Omega — fluffy Alpha! Dean x reader - The reader is extra grumpy and snaps at Crowley when he calls her bunny.

Word Counting: 2. Daydreaming Dean x Reader Fluff, implied smut. You and Dean however, found a party for two in the pantry in the form of some Tennessee Whiskey. Anytime He Wants captainradicalpassion.

Deepest Darkest Desire. There is NO trace of Dean Winchester in Soldier Boy but there is a very layered complex character there slowly unfolding. Do you actually hate each other or are you destined to be together. Red Drinks Dean x reader - Dean discovers the reader is addicted to demon blood.

Come Home Dean x reader implied smut - After a bet gone wrong, Dean tries to convince the reader to come back home.

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Originally posted by gracefuldean. Dance For You Dean x reader smut - Dean finds the reader dancing and things escalate. Life for Rent - Masterlist. A Place To Call Home: Brothers Originally posted by demondetoxmanual Summary: An unexpected visitor makes the reader question if she knew everything she thought she did about her parents.

Roadhouse Lovers — Gravesend escort and Dean are introduced by Jo.

Looking into your eyes again, he gently rubs the head on your slit, causing you to groan out and nod frantically. Dean offers to help show her how in a sweet way. But will her next client be the same as the rest? In a world where magicks are very real but very rare, finding the descendant of a pure bloodline is almost impossible.

Warnings: NSFW. You met Loki a year after his attack on New York. Are You Scared of the Dark?

⚠️(18+) (Kink Warning) ⚠️ Dean \u0026 Castiel ~ Make Hate To Me

She decides to take charge of the situation and have some fun with him. What A Sight Pt. Claimed Alpha! Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader. I had a reason for walking in, but fuck me if I can remember it now. When you do land, you see that the planet is beautiful and covered in beaches.

Toying with your nipples, he quickly shoves your shorts and underwear down with his free hand and groans at the sight.

You look down at the pearl, which shimmers in the starlight outside. This series is complete!

Originally posted by frozen-delight. Fics below the cut! Reader Fluff. Pairing: Mobster! Age gap in the relationship. Dean x reader smut - Dean and the reader try to have quiet sex. Hope you like it. Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit. When you wake Girl online castro valley, you know its the day.

Dean popped a piece of bacon into his mouth. See what happens when a monster from the boys past wants to return the favor!

You felt him smile behind you, his arms snaking around your waist, pulling you closer, if that was even possible, tightening his grip as he ground himself to you, a soft moan escaping your lips.

Meanwhile everyone else is cautious about the whole situation, especially her dad and brother… Masterlist Pairing: Jensen x foster daughter!

Toying Dean winchester sex stories your nipples, he quickly shoves your shorts and underwear down with his free hand and groans at the sight.

Raina's a hunter lost in her own world. The waves lap at your feet as the summer breeze flows through your hair.

My Southport transsexuals fanfic on my new for Marvel! Watch With Me — Au! Reader Word Counting : words Warnings : Fluff. Summer Confessions — fluff, smut Young!

Get In Dean x reader - Dean and the reader Dean winchester sex stories a sleeping space and share some feelings with one another.

Couch Memories — When you and Dean has the whole place to yourselves. Posted on Wednesday, 30 January Posted by welldonebeca.

Just My Type Alpha! If you would like a story, or anything with one of the characters, sexual or not, dm me and let me know and i will be more than happy to write you on bsm. Look Princess Dean x reader - Dean and the reader are trapped by a witch and they do not get along.

Actors Masterlist. Request By Anon: idk if you take suggestions, but.