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nfl announces new fines schedule sportsgrid and one can only imagine what throwing an underinflated football into the stands will cost you the nfl announced it s new fines table today and throwing a ball into the stands will cost a player does an nfl player have to pay for a football if they best answer that player has to pay the nfl back for what the nfl paid for the football under nfl rules handing the ball to a fan is permitted and players do that every sunday without ting fined but the nfl worries that throwing the ball into the stands could be a fan safety issue fans may run into each other while trying if an nfl player throws the ball into the crowd dose he yeah they have to pay for the footballs that they throw in the crowd or keep for themselves its a very cheap price for them if i am correct its like $50 a ball susan · 3 years ago 0 has the nfl fined cam newton $253 552 for giving away the nfl doesn’t fine newton for giving footballs away according to a league spokesman but all nfl players are fined $5 250 when they throw or punt a ball into the stands because of issues of nfl players charged $$ for giving away footballs could nfl players give away as many footballs that they want if they give away a football do they need to pay for it like when football players score a touchdown and keep the football what is the averige pay for a nfl player wikiswers what is the averige pay for a nfl player wikiswers if a ball goes into the crowd • r nfl reddit well the nfl players don t fined if they just toss the ball to a particular fan similar to a baseball player tossing a ball to a kid they fined when they blindly chuck the ball 20 30 rows back edit also apparently the rule is more about preventing potential fights in the crowd than preventing possible injury from being hit by a football .

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