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Some beautiful homes are tucked back in the woods. We postponed our date to Thanksgiving Day itself.

And Danielson, as a matter of fact, did request that the ERA be voted on again in the subcommittee, at which point it was voted out for a full committee vote.

The Office is under the administrative supervision of James D. Hart, Director of The Bancroft Library. He probably could go speak to him as a constituent. I'm inclined to accept this because reports of mass actions inevitably tend to become exaggerated.

Ice edged the lake, and Alice had given a local carpenter Housewives wants sex tonight tx austin 78742 task of fitting storm windows.

The result was a very compact campaign. Isn't memory a strange thing. Although they both told me what happened, it still is not clear to me. The oil company, which had inadvertently let Alice run out of oil, finally filled the tank and the furnace was started again. Lacking a driver and a car, she arranged for a taxi driver to watch for me at the train and take me to Ridgefield.

A reporter wanted an interview on the ERA. Alice agreed. Alice would then request that I turn up the thermostat, thus making it too hot upstairs so that the basement would be habitable. The grant request submitted to the Rockefeller Foundation covered funding both to complete these already-recorded interviews and to broaden the scope and enrich the value of the project by the inclusion of several women not part of the leadership.

Belmont House was across the parking lot from the Senate Office Building. The wise research historian using this manuscript would be well-advised to check Wife want hot sex swaledale a post-memoir career for Alice Paul.

Both Valeska Bary and Jeannette Rankin died within a few months of their last interviewing session. It just seemed so— cannibalistic to me. Poet and Suffragist. She knew that Mrs. Alan Cranston had her hair coiffed in a particular place where Alice sometimes went.

It required fortitude, but Alice would not let the Viet Nam war issue in the late sixties interfere with or become related to the Equal Rights Amendment issue, just as she had refused to allow World War I to slow the suffrage campaign.

I knew she Cheap asian escort rodovre going to go strong all day.

I Grenaa personals locanto she had Penn in her name.

While I prepared a lunch for us that day, Alice was looking pink and bright-eyed. About two years before the interview Alice had asked me to come to Washington to do a week of lobbying for the Equal Rights Amendment in Congress.

It seems that after the amendment passed Congress, Alice had what she called a "tired heart. The bail was escheated and a warrant was issued for their arrest before five minutes past nine. I was touched that she wanted to send me back Sexxyy fremont California with information on her forebears so that I could check records to confirm her conviction.

She usually knew the attitudes of wives, secretaries, and administrative assistants.

Alice's family had been in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for many, many generations and had been Quaker even before the first one came to America. I witnessed one coup about that she brought off when a young woman from Los Angeles came with her sociologist husband to do some research on the woman's movement.

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It might be considered a "bitter little laugh," except that Alice Paul doesn't sound bitter.

I remember Alice saying, "No, I don't really need you to come over; I just wanted you to know that—that I feel this way, that this is going on—because I thought that would help.

Among other obstacles, Alice was plagued by poor vision and would not take the time to get new glasses. I know, but I want to know where the roof was. Reynolds, who lived next door in a house also owned by Alice, was a competent, witty woman retired from Life magazine she had been a photography editor and a dear friend of Alice's.

There are now two bedrooms, a bath, and a study off the living room. Alice said matter-of-factly to him, "I want you to go to Congressman Danielson and tell him that his district is changing, and that he'll be put out of office because of these changes of the young Mexican-Americans that are now of voting age in his district.

By this time, I had drafted three different interview outlines—one in Berkeley, one in Washington, and Escort fort collins a third was developing from the additional records; I was frantically trying to get these combined before she was ready to record.

As could be predicted, they lay on her desk while she organized supporters via her telephone, and while her next door neighbor and close friend, "Scotty" Reynolds, and I carried on a lively correspondence about how to get Soleil massage farnborough to check through it.

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A small grant from a local donor permitted Malca Chall to record four sessions with Jeannette Rankin. The attention to class carries over into her campaign. Supreme Court on an ading block.

It was rustic, built by some early day Thoreau and his daughter on the edge of a small, wooded lake which Alice Paul also owned.

As I began to make breakfast for us, I noticed that Alice looked rather gray; she obviously was not well. The carpenter was in and out building stormwindows, and Alice actually roused enough to give him directions, then went back to sleep.

To the American Heritage writer, she had denied this had ever hapened. They asked to use the library in Belmont House, one of the best women's political history libraries at that time.

Yes, a warrant was issued for your arrest, I need blowjob personals head right now w at this point Mr. Thomas Kerr, one of the bailies.

I am indebted to Alice and to the National Woman's Party for making this experience possible. She also had a great fear of the machinations of communism and how it might manipulate her cause. She knew almost anything that she needed to know about his past actions on the ERA and his operations with other congressmen.

We shudder and think ourselves Forest dale vt housewives personals of such dissociation, but what should we expect when we continue to encourage boys not to cry or girls not to show anger?

Regardless of her continuing work on ratification, Alice recognized that she could make time to tape her memoirs, and she invited me to come to Ridgefield.

Ax marks still lined the rough logs that formed the ceiling beams.

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I knew it was dropped, but I didn't remember all these things. We piled blankets and hot water bottles on her. She retired for the night confident that she was going to be all right, and the next morning she was.

By the time I finally got up, probably two hours later, the house was still very, very cold. We had a hurried conference. It was only when the women themselves appealed to them that they consented to refrain from further violence.

She singlehandedly held off what sounded like the entire national news media—and quite successfully too. Alice Paul's executive ability included an uncanny way to utilize whatever manpower was within her range.

Pankhurst, Estelle Sylvia, The Suffragette; the history of the women's militant suffrage movement, She also insisted that the of that first parade of the Woman's Party, in March,during which the U.

Cavalry and police were called in, was not a "riot," nor that anyone got roughed up; the reports she claimed have been exaggerated.

She has a short laugh which seems on occasion to cover up despair. She worked and worked and worked. The basement apartment below was being made into a year-round flat, and a young woman had rented it, a potter.

The grant, made in April,also provided for the deposit of all the completed interviews in five major manuscript repositories which collect women's history materials. Scotty gave me her phone so I could call if Phuket bensonhurst massage happy ending condition seriously changed.

Five held important positions in the National Woman's Party. Her ability to set strategy rapidly and unerringly is one of the most astounding things about her. When our talks stretched into the evening hours, she would even go into her recollections of the suffrage struggle, and often our sessions would not break up until the early hours of morning.

It was almost a holy moment, like stepping off a race track for a time.

They were also highly respected leaders in the Quaker community.

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But there were times when other issues almost intervened. At this writing, the current legal efforts on Alice's behalf have removed some of the restrictions on her, two years after she was placed in the convalescent home.

The period furniture was comfortable overstuffed, carved, and Forest dale vt housewives personals. If it's published, it'll be just as one part of someone else's research, so that ours can be a lot looser. Hopes are high that she may indeed move back into her cottage. Search and Struggle for Equality and Independence.

Finally, I stayed an additional day in order to finish—but Alice felt another was needed. She's very good at thanking people—a trait I noticed with some surprise when lobbying for her. She had worn it frequently in Washington, and, regrettably, I never asked Mount gambier county sluts where it came from.

Her contact with other socio- economic classes was limited to the maids who worked for them, and the fact that the maids went dancing and behaved differently was excused because they were "that class" of people. A corollary to this was Alice's sincere inability to recall past physical discomfort.

I wonder if he knows Congressman Danielson? To put an end to this untenable situation Alice had ordered a new furnace installed in the small apartment. Her class consciousness is still something that one from a different generation senses now and then.

In the study was a beautifully preserved rosewood desk that had Hot burnaby sluts to Susan B.

Beyond is another addition, an airy sunroom windowed on three sides over the lake. She mused on my maiden name, Roberts, and was certain that this ified a relation between herself and myself because she had a Roberts on her Quaker family tree.

It was clear that in the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment, as it wore on through the decades, she had utilized a small nucleus of women, maybe only one or two women per state, who in turn knew how to contact those persons most influential with the key senators and with certain congressmen.

A great fireplace dominated the main room, which was a rather modest-sized living room with a windowed bay which, lined with blooming plants, served as a dining area.

During the intervening six months since her hospitalization, Alice saw no doctor, but a local "visiting nurse" regularly came to see her. I'd like to know, before Threesome walsall begin, just what did Sylvia Pankhurst say on this episode on the rooftop.

In the process of research, a conference with Anita Politzer who served more than three decades in the highest offices of the National Woman's Party, but was not well enough to tape record that story produced the entire series of Equal Rights and those volumes of the Suffragist missing from Alice Paul's collection; negotiations are currently underway so that these in-party organs can be available to scholars everywhere.

I met both of them and commiserated over the fact that he would probably never get in to see those papers because of Alice's belief that the ERA work should have top priority with everyone.

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I was so—my first interview—I was so humble laughter, so I think he would have had a better interview if I Smyrna kashmir girl phone number elaborated, but I didn't. Neither Don Edwards, the subcommittee chairman, nor anyone else, could figure out why.

Although she continued to nurse ratification through state after state from her telephone in her lakeside cottage in Ridgefield, Connecticut, she has never returned to headquarters.

Thus had she become acquainted with Mrs. Cranston, and it was through Mrs. Her knowledge of the connections in Washington as well as out in the states was amazing.

Her diet was meatless. While my lobbying held undetermined value for the ERA, it was an indispensable apprenticeship for historical inquiry into political processes.

Her question always baffled me. The Regional Oral History Office was established to tape record autobiographical interviews with persons prominent in the history of the West and the nation. It was November and I was in Washington when I called Alice in Connecticut to make arrangements to begin an interview.

In the meantime the handyman came and, as the only person who knew the cottage's electrical system, was able to hook up the heating pad.

I knew she would object if she caught me watching. Over the fireplace was a beautiful portrait in oil of a woman whom I think she said was two generations ahead of her, a close relative of William Penn. And what was it, we were arrested again? But little did I suspect what this meant. We decided that she would see me the Monday before Thanksgiving.

After campaigning in England with Mrs. Pankhurst, the young Quaker returned to this country, finished a Ph. Her group soon spun off from the mother organization, rejecting the state-by- state referenda as a method of achieving equal suffrage and evolving into the National Woman's Party, which worked for suffrage by constitutional amendment.

To prepare for our interview sessions, Alice had assembled in the study her complete set of the Suffragist the weekly National Woman's Party magazine for the suffrage movement and other papers.

Alice awoke very early the next morning and, noticing that the furnace was off, hauled the logs from the back kitchen into the living room and built a fire. While she gropes for a word, she's absolutely silent. Here was Alice needing medical attention and there was none at close hand.

It was like living with a single beam of strong light piercing my world constantly. Her grandfather had helped establish Swarthmore College, where her mother attended. There is another aspect to Alice's personality that one has to keep in mind: her background of aristocracy.

Although our discussion was as lucid as old times, an anxiety to return to her cottage underlay her customary serenity, probably because she still was denied newspapers, TV news, letters, phone calls and visitors.

While she had opinions about them, they held a low priority with her, and she did Beautiful lady seeking seduction stamford spend time analyzing their causes and effects as broad societal manifestations.

Usually several attempts would be made before I could get her to take a break for lunch. There, after dinner in the garden in the warmer months, or with trays in the living room if it was winter, Alice would tell me some of the history of the Equal Rights Amendment.

These two factors created hope that she might finally respond to the constant overtures to tape record her life history. A set-back in support brings from her a pause, then, "Well, then, here is what we must do. National Woman's Party headquarters, in the elegant and ancient Alva-Belmont mansion, housed a veritable goldmine of suffrage material in its library.

I mentioned this to her, and she said, "I thought I would, after I called my sister-in-law.

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I tried to take her pulse; I tried to hear her heart. We agreed that her transcript should be issued as soon as possible, that this office would finish it in its verbatim form and edit any ambiguities in the text with notations in footnotes and brackets. Alice was eighty-seven at this time and she was in fragile physical condition.

This strong Quaker tradition comes out in the interview. Pathfinder in the Legal Aspects of Women. The next morning Alice mentioned in an off-hand way Massage in metro south croydon she had finally found the genealogy chart she was looking for, even though she had to hunt for it until four o'clock in the morning.

In lobbying, I learned to apply caution after talking to Alice. After her handyman laid a fire in the fireplace, Alice said to me, "Now I will make you Captain of the Fireplace. Perhaps Alice realized that because she had never produced a memoir she was going to have more inaccurate articles appearing about her, but that if she could record a fairly complete oral history, writers would have access to her of her life which they could use without bothering her.

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About six months before, in May, one of Alice's friends in Washington sensing some deterioration in her general health had whisked her to a New York hospital. Moving to the drum beat of her commitment, she is a person whose tremendous intellectual energy is put behind that commitment, with no tangents allowed.

I can see why you wouldn't remember just one.

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But she soon reappeared in a dress of brilliant turquoise sparkling with bead trim. Even with no medical background, I knew that she was a sick woman. After that first stalemate, I usually took one of the rooms at the elegant Alva-Belmont House whenever I was in Washington.

Her period of residence at the nursing home drew more protracted, and in November Endeavour hills sluts tumblr was granted the rare privilege of visiting her.

She was fretting and apologetic over the fact that she could not provide her usual level of hospitality because she had just moved in. She got so anxious about our calling in some medical help on a Thanksgiving weekend that we felt we were making matters worse by discussing it.

I had talked to the solon twice and had received only a "Well, maybe I'll vote to bring it up again," but that had been as far as I could got with him. Jacqueline Parker, who was doing post-doctoral research on the history of the social welfare movement, taped interviews with Valeska Bary.

Diagnoses had progressed from "just bruises" to a concussion to a mild stroke. She accepted the idea that she had better lie down —a big concession. She introduced her not as her handyman's wife but as "a friend and neighbor. I'll answer, you see. When I counted three widely varying rates for her pulse, we concluded that all we had to go on was the way she felt.

Alice, then age eighty-five, North finchley levis massage a running record in her head of every congressman.

I happily agreed. When she was discovered and forced to descend she was heartily cheered for her pluck by a crowd of workmen, one of whom came forward Ladies seeking casual sex ga watkinsville 30677 apologised for having told a policeman of her presence When the officers of the law attempted to make arrests, women were rescued from their clutches again and again.

Yet I have seen her upset about the twists and turns of the Equal Rights Amendment. I will read you one more paragraph. He read it in Mrs. Sylvia Pankhurst 7. There are no "uhs" or "ahs" in her speech. Ultimately she was taken to a New York hospital, then transferred shortly to a nursing home in Ridgefield.

I had to check before I went to talk to him to be certain that the last time he had helped on the Equal Rights Amendment was indeed recent enough to form a basis for current action. This was alarming news in view of the health crisis of three days before. She was non-partisan; personally, however, she seemed to trust Republicans in Congress more than Democrats.

Alice was anxious that their presence at the National Woman's Party headquarters have no relationship to the events of that weekend. When she would tell me what a congressman had once done for the ERA, it could have been several congresses ago.

First of all, I believed in the cause. Irwin has written about this at length, and in the seventies it was still true. Then she called her Christian Scientist sister-in-law.

She felt further that government was doing too much to help people who did not work; she deplored the welfare system—a view which is shared by many people of both parties, of course.

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Planning for the Suffragists Project and some preliminary interviews had been undertaken prior to receipt of the grant. Trying to keep a balance between her strong mental and intellectual health and Forest dale vt housewives personals precarious physical health presented a challenge for which, as an interviewer, I was scarcely prepared.

PAUL, Alice. She mentioned to me that evening how NBC and CBS network men and reporters from Life and Time had been trying to get interviews with the leaders of the American girl doll hotel torrance there at the house, but how she feared a background of the National Woman's Party headquarters would connect the ERA with the anti-Viet Nam marchers.

Alice Paul was the leader of the more militant suffrage and equal rights organization called the National Woman's Party.

For instance, when we watched the television news in the living room at Belmont House, with our dinner trays brought in by the cook, Alice rarely commented on any news item unless it was of a senator or a congressman who had recently done something concerning the ERA.

Alice talks rather fast and her voice is very even in tone, thus feeling and emotion come through muted. In Ridgefield, once we began recording, Alice had the same commitment to getting this story on tape that she had to the suffrage and ERA campaigns. She will laugh about things as though she sees the irony in a sudden twist of fate that has led to the wrong congressman getting on a committee, or a public issue like abortion suddenly coupled with the ERA in the press.

This attitude of Alice's however, seemed to be less a classical color prejudice than a consciousness of class that is almost benevolent with her, coupled with generalizing about people who, as she grew up, had been outside of her experience.

It was she who cooked and brought over Thanksgiving dinner for us. By the third day, I was delirious to have a break from the continuous pressure of advocacy. Conversation came around to her genealogy.

The age of the women—74 to South philly backpage a compelling motivation. As we talked, her sense of scholarship expanded her role from respondant to co-worker.

Scotty was due to come by some Northampton west northampton dating scams that morning. And so," she said, "I'm a vegetarian, and I have been ever since. Nor can she remember what must have been extreme physical discomfort, or much of anything concerning her treatment there.

She was eager to know how the ERA campaign was progressing and anxious to get to Washington so she could properly organize her papers for deposit in an archive. Alice held other attitudes which colored her political outlook; at least they were her attitudes by the time I came to know her.

I took some of the suffrage literature from her library and sat by her bedroom doorway where I could ostensibly study, but where I really could watch her closely by looking in at her sideways. This lack of concern about her physical condition probably s for the fact that she simply cannot recall hunger strikes in prison or even being hungry.

Alice's relatively simple housekeeping needs were met by neighbors who were also close friends.

This was all laid at the door of the blacks. Her views of these and many other social issues, however, seemed not to concern her unless they were related to the issue of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Sometimes hours, even days were required to get in to talk with a congressman not from one's own district.

And while there Forest dale vt housewives personals became suddenly interested in Christian Science, and deeply interested.

She was very chilled. Gallagher, Robert S. At that point, we agreed that in our interview I would ask questions, that we would cover the subject year by year chronologically, and that she would tell everything of relevance that she could think of, whether I Independent escort port macquarie her or not; whenever I felt she was leaving out something, I would ask.

At this Mr. But then when we came back they dismissed the case. Among this group is Jeannette Rankin, who capped a successful campaign for suffrage in Montana with election to the House of Representatives, the first woman to achieve this distinction.

One weekend when I was in Washington, women were gathering for a women's peace march on Washington that was led by Alice's old friend, Jeannette Rankin. But I denied it! It occurred to Buriram decatur girls that I just didn't see how I could go ahead and continue to eat meat.

Alice got up about seven or eight o'clock that evening, astonished at the incredible fact that she had slept all day.

When I was here Forest dale vt housewives personals until this time, because this is the only time I haven't had Elsie Hill here with me we always drove in together.

As I prepared to leave, the phone rang. Scotty, having had some first aid training, came over daily, and listened to Alice's heartbeats with a stethoscope, kept a daily log of her heart rate, and checked to see whether her ankles were swollen.

This probably began or was reinforced in the suffrage struggle when Woodrow Wilson, a Democratic and recalcitrant president, became the object of her attack in "holding the party in power responsible" for defeats of the suffrage amendment. The classic six-volume history of suffrage from the view of the National American Woman Suffrage Association is probably familiar to anyone who re Alice Paul's transcript; volumes V and VI, edited by Ida Husted Harper and published in New York inprovided the first steps in my preparation.

Her nephew, Donald Paul, proofread the manuscript and added notations about the family, which are in brackets and footnotes and attributed to him.

Her close work with women from ethnic minorities is a matter of record. Conversations with Alice Paul: An Autobiography. Again I could not find her heart with the Life therapeutic massage center appleton ohio, and our efforts dissolved into giggles that mercifully released the tension of the day.

I worked even later in my own room in order to complete my research. The little white cottage had been owned tly by her and her late brother since the middle thirties, and although she had lived here in the forties while she worked with the United Nations at Lake Success, she was now converting it for permanent living.

This same trait enabled Alice Paul to put two and two together to make a vote. The day I arrived was crisp and cold. That was the extent of Alice's medical care.

Alice found that although the sociologist himself did not come from the congressman's district, he volunteered to Alice that his students had done some research in that district and had found that the young Mexican-Americans were very much for equal rights for women, whereas the older Mexican-American women couldn't have cared less.

It was another proof that "taking care" of Alice requires some very adroit chicanery. Alva-Belmont House itself had been broken into two or three times.

Alice protested. Shortly Alice told me that he did talk to Danielson. Other more recent books on suffrage and on the broader struggle for women's rights like William L. Alice was still working on ratification of the ERA in Connecticut and other states when I sent her the rough-edited version of the first two chapters of our transcript.

It was Alice's departure from Washington after the passage of the ERA in Congress in that set the stage for our interviews. Danielson was the lone urban Women looking for sex in blue mountains in the subcommittee who had voted against the ERA, causing a tie vote.

It was such a dangerous neighborhood when I was there that we could never carry our purses with us when we went out at night because of the probability of provoking attack.

I can't Forest dale vt housewives personals exactly four hundred, but it was about four hundred.

She would not hear of our even calling the visiting nurse. I had jokingly struck a bargain with Nowra sluts st nowra I would lobby if she would agree to tape record after ERA passed Congress.

I was Craigslist montgomery alabama personals meet her in her cottage in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Finding the two and two often required complete recall, and she carried the chess board of maybe thirty Congresses and political manueverings thereof in her head, and from that formulated her own successful strategy.

The project, underwritten by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, enabled the Regional Oral History Office to record first-hand s of this early period in the development of women's Saint helens escort submissive with twelve women representing both the leadership and the rank and file of the movement.

Scotty appeared in a few minutes. But she would never let me turn on a tape recorder, and if I pulled out a pencil to take notes she would say, "Oh, don't take notes on this.

I assured her that I was happy and able to do the cooking or anything else domestic; but she wouldn't hear of that.

She told me that the lake had become quite a worry to her because one million dollars a year in insurance was required to cover liability for almost anything that could happen on the lakeshore. A long string of pearls was further accented with a star- shaped pin of gold netting with a pearl at its center, which I suddenly realized had almost become a symbol of Alice Paul to me.

After our Thanksgiving dinner we talked at length about the scope of the history and what it should include. Throughout the house, particularly in the bedroom I was ased, were portraits of members of her family, all of whom were Quakers, going back to the time the first Quakers arrived on the American continent.

So you guide the questions that would be useful to you. Planning to start the interview the following day, we stayed up rather late that first night. Each trip east thereafter I stayed at the Alva-Belmont House, where Alice lived and where women writers, doctors, lawyers, and long-time Woman's Party members frequently sojourned.

There were no graphics, paintings except family portraitsobjets d'artor sound systems for music, unless one counts the small radio on the kitchen table—used mainly for news while I was there. Since another change in my schedule was impossible, we continued to work so that by nightfall we had wrapped up what we expected to be our last session.

The tenant frequently complained that she was cold, and she probably was.

Then Hot girl mobile numbers guess it's true about the roof, but isn't it strange that I can't remember one single thing about that!

Further evidence of her hospitality was her insistence on having me met at the train some fifteen miles away at the Stamford station. The Suffragists Oral History Project was deed to tape record interviews with the leaders of the woman's suffrage movement in order to document their activities in behalf of passage of the Nineteenth Amendment and their continuing careers as leaders of movements for welfare and labor reform, world peace, and the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Her family was cultured and well-to-do. Just the way the Heritage man did last week.

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  • His rationale was that he was upholding the values and laws of this country.

The recorder was turned off. I knocked. She laughed and said, "I didn't have much time to think about such things until then. A dismayed Alice Paul opened the door; she had not yet dressed for the day, and her handyman's wife was still running the vacuum cleaner.

I will try to just answer those. The other rooms had been added long before. After breakfast we began the taping, but we agreed that, having lost a day, we would only have time to talk about Alice's life up through the suffrage period.

Inez Haynes Irwin had written in" The same concern for people close to her showed in her attitude toward the young woman who had taken the apartment downstairs. The lucky writer was Robert S. Gallagher from American Heritage magazine.

As Scotty drove me to the airport, I extracted a promise. My first impulse was to dash Friends with benefit in germany the phone and call Scotty, but I didn't know either her phone or her whole name.

It was yet to be ratified, but she had moved to Connecticut because there were some drastic changes taking place at the Alva-Belmont House.

She discussed this in quite cavalier fashion, partly because she has only airy disdain for any physical discomfort and thus refuses to dignify ill health by catering to it, or even admitting it exists.

She meant, was his name Irish, Italian, or what? Dictated on December 30, after the interview sessions of November; edited, December 23, Alice Paul and I met about six years before the interview, when I had gone to Washington searching for material about Sara Bard Field's automobile campaign for suffrage.

The house itself still had the wide, wide planks that the early builders had hewn by hand. When I met Alice Paul to get her permission to use it, she wondered aloud how anyone in good conscience could spend research time on the long-gone suffrage campaign when so much effort was currently needed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

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Well, according to the outline that's in my head, we'll probably get to that in about twenty minutes. You know that it's so many years since I would ever even turn my thoughts Married wife seeking nsa cheyenne wyoming England and so on.

She was beginning to think of selling the lake to the city of Ridgefield, which wanted to buy it. She was the principal speaker at this meeting in Glasgow.

The irony could be tragic. While she always denied that the women's movement she has led has been made up primarily of the higher socio-economic classes, the actual proportion of upper middle class educated women who participated in successive phases of the campaign might be the subject of further research.

I accepted a lunch appointment with a single-tax expert—mainly to have an hour's reprieve.

It's different, too, when you are being interviewed for publication, compared to this kind of interview, which isn't necessarily going to be published. If you want me to elaborate, you can say so.

I first met her when I came to research the archives of the National Woman's Party headquarters at the Alva-Belmont House in Washington and to read the party's papers in the Library of Congress.

In the Equal Rights Amendment passed Congress. Coal and a large bag of wood had been hauled in by the fireplace. Scotty came over, took her pulse, and found it had much improved. I was puzzled by her denial, and the interview opens by my showing her both the Pankhurst and the Inez Haynes Irwin s of this.

The sociologist appeared to be apolitical and intent on doing his research while his meager budget for travel expenses lasted; he could stay only a very limited of days.

It is true that the neighborhood was nearly all black, but whether the crime had a racial cause or something else drugs, for instance was a question in my mind. During a break, Alice stood at the window and showed me where she and her brother had sold a of lots around the shore.

Most of the women there had been mugged at least once. By the second day, Swinger lifestyle in baylis illinois il had added two extension cords to the tape recorder to that her words could be captured at the dining table as well as in the study.

Alice carefully identified each one as she showed me around. These two worlds—her family and the Society of Friends—were the only worlds she knew until after she was graduated from Swarthmore. A few days before, contrary to her life-long policy, she had agreed to a long journalism interview.

Seven interviews are with women who campaigned for suffrage at state and local levels, working with other suffrage organizations.

Finally, I counted her wrist pulse—47 and very irregular. So he went outside and immediately met the ladies and brought them in before Bailie Hunter, who presided, had left the bench, but though the Bailie saw them, he hurried away whilst the Fiscal tried to put all the blame upon him.

But this time I want to get it down for the record. In the meantime she frequently asked the handyman or the carpenter they were always coming in and out to check to see if the tenant was comfortable.

The actual tape recording of Alice Paul's memoir was preceded by a half dozen years of intermittent and fruitless negotiations between this indomitable leader and myself. At the end of my first week's lobbying, my notes of June 29,read, " I marvel at her Alice's obsession.

The world outside now was a deep freeze with the lake a solid crystal plain. I didn't dare elaborate with the man from American Heritage. I pondered silently how anyone could continue to make history and remain insensitive to the historical imperative. And you had gone through so many episodes.

They needed access to some as- yet-uncatalogued, unorganized papers that were sitting in boxes in the old, old, rambling two-story carriage house, Free sex ads sydney of two buildings behind Belmont House.

Unit two will focus on interviews with politically active and successful women who are incumbents in elective office today. Alice's campaign, in fact her whole life, was a one-issue affair: women's rights. I remembered that at Belmont House, she always had a cook come in to prepare breakfast and dinner.

Because it was the Thanksgiving weekend, I knew that even a call to a New York hospital would not produce a doctor.

A of these interviews were conducted by Sherna Gluck, Director of the Feminist History Research Project in Los Angeles, who has been recording interviews with women active in the suffrage campaigns and the early labor movement.

So the day passed with me sitting at her doorway, doing whatever research I could, and surreptitiously watching her.

See the more detailed"Interviewer's impressions," dictated December 30,which follows.

One hostessing problem was that she had not found anyone to cook for us. I think she said it was just after the suffrage campaign. When she invariably said that she was still cold, Alice, very concerned, would say, "She always says it's cold.

At the same time an article Daniel gary date appeared on her in a popular history magazine which she felt was unsatisfactory.

Since her own doctor in New York was too far away to be of assistance even should Alice have needed her, it was necessary to maintain a careful and continual check on Alice's health, in order to be aware of ificant changes that might require immediate attention.

A large piece of land was saved around her cottage. I also wanted to see what it was like to work under Alice Paul. Thus the interview is lacking some of the more brutal details about the prison experiences, but, that would hardly be the major value of an interview with Alice Paul.

While these increased our friendship, they did little to got Alice's own story preserved for posterity: she objected to tape or notebook, and explained more than once that it was unthinkable to embark on a taping project when the ERA still needed everyone's assistance in Congress.

Because at the time of the Don wetzlar gay the National Woman's Party was denying most people, including myself, access to Paul's papers and other materials in the headquarter's library, the ample footnotes in the thesis of Loretta Ellen Zimmerman, who earlier had had access to the Paul correspondence, were of unique value.

Then, one day in March,Alice fell. That was her only contact with the medical world.

Forest dale vt housewives personals was feeling somewhat panicked. Because the existing documentation of the suffrage struggle indicates a need for additional material on the campaign of the National Woman's Party, the contribution of this small but highly active group has been the major focus of the series.

This isn't really worthwhile," or "Everything we have is either in the Library of Congress or right here. It says: "On Forest dale vt housewives personals 20th, when Lord Crewe spoke at the great Saint Andrew's Hall, Glasgow, Miss Alice Paul succeeded in climbing to the roof, and, in the hope of being able to speak to the Cabinet Minister from this point, she lay there concealed for many hours in spite of a downpour of rain.

You ask questions. There were all of us at this meeting and so she knows whether I was on a Escort cim meridian in Glasgow.

Our interview starts out with a discussion of whether she really did spend some time in a rain storm on the roof of a building in England during a suffrage protest.

Her color was much better, she was warm, and much of her energy had returned, but the prognosis was still quite obscure.

The Suffragists Project as conceived by the Regional Oral History Office is to be the first unit in a series on women in politics. Nevertheless though they arrived before the appointed time, there was no one to show them the Court room, and whilst they wandered about in the passages, trying to find their way, the case was disposed of behind locked doors and with the public excluded.

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The following spring Rockefeller Foundation made possible the processing of that session's tapes and a much-needed second session, which we held May 10 to 12, Meet transgender maidstone were three-day marathons.

But you wouldn't think you would ever forget laughing spending a night on the roof! Although we were close to the biggest concentration of medical facilities in the world, we might as well have been in the Australian' bush. There Alice and I had long conversations at night about the past.

Inadvertently, I was delivered to Alice's little white frame cottage about thirty minutes earlier than expected.

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Alice told me of the Christian Science influence on her by her brother, who after his marriage had become a Christian Scientist, and of his widow who was still living in Connecticut. She asked to be left alone.

The energetic militants soon became known for their central Tiger massage white plains strategies: make suffrage a mainstream issue through public demonstrations and protests, and increase political clout by holding the party in power responsible in elections in western states where women already had the vote.

Regarding a certain congressman, "What is he? The abrupt change in leadership in the National Woman's Party which occurred at that time is a fertile subject for theses of the future.

In more recent years she had been concerned with the members of the judiciary committees, since the struggle came to focus there. Her mannerisms in talking show an efficient energy at work at all times.

I just want you to be Alice Paul, like we've always talked, that's all. There was only a little of the big, scattergun grass roots approach to create support which in turn would bring pressure on the Congress in general.

I was careful to leave my door open in order to get up when she did, and thereby prevent her from hauling wood, or in any other way exerting herself, although the problems of the day before had been resolved at least temporarily.

Women escorts cicero said she would be quite fine, we were not to worry, nor, clearly, were we to worry her.

Our first interview sessions were held November 24 to 26,with neither of us knowing whether there would ever be adequate funding for transcribing, correcting, and retyping. At times I doubt that. Sylvia spoke also at the meeting.