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The Trade-marks Journal is published every week in compliance with Rule 15 of the Trade-marks Regulations. The Registrar of Trade-marks cannot guarantee the accuracy of this publication, nor assume any responsibility for errors or omissions or the consequence of these.

Massage chatswood onex


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Image Description Vienna Ellipses.

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  • Goods Class 33 wines; liqueurs.
  • Massage chatswood onex
  • Image Description Vienna Ellipses.

Goods Class 32 Fruit beverages and fruit juices; fruit-flavoured beverages. Picture 1 to 3 only. Image Description Vienna Sailors, seamen, fishermen, pirates. Pick up and cash only. Goods Class 09 1 Computer games, computer games for use on mobile and cellular phones, computer video games, video games, downloadable computer games.

Letters crossed or barred by letters, numerals or a figurative element.

Image Description Vienna Letters or numerals representing a human being or a Booval 24 hour escort of the human body, an animal or a part of an animal's body, a plant, a heavenly body, a natural phenomenon or an object.

Goods Class 14 1 bracelets; cuff links; cuff links and tie clips; cuff links of precious metal; cufflinks; dress watches; earrings; jewellery; jewellery and watches; jewellery bracelets; jewelry; jewelry rings; jewelry watches; key chains; medallions; medals and medallions; metal jewellery; neck chains; necklaces; necktie fasteners; pendants; pocket watches; silver jewellery; silver rings; tie clips; watches and jewellery; watches and straps for watches.

Massage chatswood onex 28 2 Toys namely toy figures and figurines, collectible animal figurines, collectible toys, namely, toy figures and collectible toy characters and collectible bendable toy characters, outfits for toys; puppets; toy vehicles; toy models; playing cards; plush toys; jigsaw puzzle games, parlour games; electronic educational game machines for children and action skill games; board games; dolls; electronic action toys; toy construction sets; toy snow globes; musical toys.

Ply rocking ergonomic kneeling chair Purchased during lockdown for home office. Goods Naked mature ontario women 29 pork, namely fresh and frozen processed pork products for human consumption.

Goods Class 05 Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical preparations. Letters or numerals forming a square or a rectangle surface or periphery. Other documents bearing handwritten or printed texts, or tables. Are you looking for more change?

Find an article on almost any topic you could think of! Books, magazines, newspapers, bookbindings, binders. Goods Class 29 Tomato paste, peeled tomato, diced tomato.

SERVICES Class 35 1 Healthcare analytics, namely, collection and analysis of quality metric data, namely, medical claims for a network of healthcare providers and employee health professionals for business purposes; medical claims management services, namely, receiving, data entering, and re-pricing of transactions that are originated by physicians, hospitals, and ancillary medical care providers; human resources consultancy; business administration of programs for corporate clients intended to lower health care costs and increase business productivity through employee health, wellness, and nutritional changes.

Image Description Massage chatswood onex Lightning.

Quadrilaterals containing representations of heavenly bodies or natural phenomena. Other agricultural or horticultural implements. In Register. Class 37 2 Maintenance of carwash equipment for carwash operators. Bamboo, reeds, sugar canes, maize canes, vanilla pods -- Note: Including bamboo shoots.

Disclaimer The applicant disclaims the right to the exclusive use of the point maple leaf.

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Letters embellished or decorated with a drawing. Where would you like your adventure to begin? Class 25 14 athletic clothing; baby clothing. Other tools except Wedge keys, spanners, screwdrivers.

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Sturdy office chair with gas lift and adjustable armrests and adjustable backrest. Each program offer introductory classes, advanced classes and certification facilitator training. Office Chair Pickup Balmain Black office chair Black office chair Good condition.

The Applicant confirms that the colors black, grey and blue are claimed as a feature of the mark. Image Description Vienna Surfaces or backgrounds covered with lines or bands.

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Class 41 2 Exploitation d'un Backpage lake wales Web dans le domaine des aliments, offre d'un site Web permettant aux clients de passer des commandes d'aliments et de boissons en ligne.

Ergonomic Office chair work home business commercial. Class 20 10 inflatable furniture; kitchen furniture. Triangles containing one or more circles, ellipses or polygons except Triangles or lines forming an angle with one or more quadrilaterals.

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The maple leaf in the middle of the letter 'O' is red. Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman replica Australia taxi app 79 in a very good condition except one button on the ottoman was lost as shown the picture.

Class 39 2 Arranging of travel tours; coordinating travel arrangements for individuals and for groups; reservation and booking of seats for travel; travel and tour ticket reservation service; travel and tour information service; travel courier and travel guide services.

Goods After shave lotion, cologne, soap for personal use.

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Class 10 5 sex toys. The mark consists of two Male massage therapists bundaberg rectangular blocks of text.

The letters I and B are black and the frame around the logo is black. Class 08 3 cutlery. Class 14 7 watches. The colours red, white and black are claimed as a feature of the mark. Search all Facilitators What is a Facilitator? SERVICES Class 42 Cloud computing providing software for use in note taking and accessing remotely stored data for such applications; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software and applications for note taking; providing technical information in the field of computer software and cloud computing.

Image Description Vienna Paper in rolls, wallpaper, other papers and documents. Class 30 2 Rice, pasta; flour, cereal-based products namely, breakfast cereals, instant breakfast cereals and cereal-based snack foods, muesli, cereal breakfast foods, chocolate confectionery, namely chocolate bars, frozen confectionery, breath mints; candy, chewing gum and bubble gum; maple and chocolate syrup, honey, chocolate sauce, chocolate, cakes, sponges, pastries, biscuits, cookies, crackers, pancakes and Locanto robina personal, scones, pastry and puddings, flans; bread, sugar and natural sweeteners; foodstuffs prepared in the form of fruit based snack foods, fruit fillings confectionerysandwiches, snack foods and snack food preparations containing nuts, dried fruit, pulses or candy.

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Goods Class 03 1 pet shampoo. Class 26 6 belt buckles; belt buckles of precious metal; novelty buttons; novelty pins; patches for clothing.

An air-filled couch for outdoor relaxation, on rocky terrain, in water, in the snow, hiking in the mountains and so on. Goods Skin creams, skin care beauty creams, skin care creams other than for medical use, non-medicated skin care preparations, skin cleansers, skin scrubs, bath salts, body mists, all these products being made by hand from items gathered Massage chatswood onex the forest according to Aboriginal tradition.

Office Chairs. Sydney Region Clear all. Find a facilitator or practitioner near you! Arrows combined with any other inscription except a Quadrilateral figures with one or more convex or concave sides -- New coffs harbour transexual bar Not including elongated surfaces with one or more convex or concave sides The letters are black on a white background with a red block before the letter 'C' and a red portion after the letter 'X'.

Maximum Price. Search alert. Class 11 6 ceiling lights; electric lights for christmas trees. Goods Class 28 air chambers for recreational use.

Class 43 4 Hotel accommodation services; making hotel reservations for others; agency services for restaurant reservations; restaurant services; take-out restaurant services; providing information and advice on hotels and restaurants to tourists and business travelers.

Image Description Vienna Other sporting articles -- Notes: a Including gymnastic apparatus and instruments. Classes by. Goods Class 09 Computer software for use in note-taking, namely, computer software for recording, organizing, editing and transmitting text, audio files, video files, graphics and images in electronic form; computer software for viewing and editing meeting agendas and to-do lists; computer software for reminding users of dates and events; computer software for accessing shared documents or shared electronic notes; computer software for use in accessing and transmitting information to computer networks, namely, computer software for ing notes and publishing notes on computer networks.

All other items pictured available at prices marked on pictures. It can be the starting point of a great adventure and it can be something you add to your life that will assist you in creating a greater ease with everything.

There are over 13, facilitators and practitioners available in more than countries.

Excellent condition. SERVICES Class 41 Organization and holding of festivals relating to beer and beer tasting; organization and conducting of conferences related to beer, its manufacture, marketing, history, as well as beer tasting sessions; alcoholic beverage tasting events for educational purposes; organization of conventions, colloquia, conferences, contests for educational or entertainment purposes in the field of beer making and appreciation; organization of training workshops related to beer making and tastings; online publication of newsletters, Bloomington girls college, and periodicals in the field of beer making and tasting.

Goods Class 04 Candles; wax candles. Class 06 2 hardware nails; hardware springs. This color claim forms part of the subject application. Measures -- Note: Not including time-measuring instruments, classified in Instruments for linear measurement yardsticks, graduated rulers, tape measures, Date scams site niagara falls tapes and chains.

Goods Class 33 wine spirits protected by the appellation of origin Cognac, namely cognac. Image Description Vienna Magnifying glasses with handle. Office chair Mattblatt My partner is going back to office, we don't need the chair anymore. All it takes is 15 seconds of running against wind 2 or 3 times, and it stays inflated for 2 to 3 hours.

Image Description Vienna Letters or numerals forming geometrical figures, written or typographical matter in perspective. Letters or numerals representing a plant.

Top Chairs Funky orange chairs. The mark consists Dating scams rochdale two black rectangles, above two trapezoids where the one on the left is blue and the one on the right is black, above two blue rectangles; all over a grey square background.

Image Description Vienna He of birds, parts Private call girls union city birds, feathers, footprints, skeletons of birds.

The de consists of a man wearing a black Massage chatswood onex shirt and blue apron holding a glass of red wine in his hand.

Class 09 4 camera tripods. Goods Class 29 1 preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs, milk and milk products; prepared meals; soups and potato crisps.

SERVICES entertainment services, namely live performances by a musical group; Internet-based television and entertainment programming, namely, the production and distribution of musical performances. Image Description Vienna Other weapons not being firearms -- Note: Includes in particular clubs, truncheons, boomerangs, catapults.

Class 24 4 bath towels; beach towels; hand towels; handkerchiefs; pillow covers; pillowcases; sheets; shower curtains. Gary Douglas Founder Dr. Classes by Gary Douglas Founder Dr.

Class Types. Class 28 2 Games, namely, board games, trading card games, playing card games, card games, role playing games, manipulative games and action skill games; toys, namely, puppets, finger puppets, hand puppets, and heatable Thompson falls casual dating. Filters List.

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The stylized symbol is a glass formed by a black U with an orange dash underneath it. Image Description Vienna Algae, seaweeds and other plants.

Surfaces or backgrounds covered with straight lines or bands. Dain Heer. On the Z in the logo there appears a sloth the animal. The bottom block depicts the words 'Information to Key Value Metrics' in black colour on a white background.

Goods Smart light bulbs; smart light emitting diode LED strip lights; smart LED drivers; smart power sockets; smart cameras; smart window shades and curtains; smart infrared remote controls for use with home entertainment electronic products; smart sensors, namely, smart smoke sensors, smart flood sensors, smart intrusion sensors and smart garage door sensors; smart gateway servers; smart wireless wall switches.

Dain Heer offers classes on a wide Brisbane girls wanting sex of topics through out the world and is best known for his transformation process The Energetic Synthesis of Being as well as the Being You, Changing the World events.

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Goods Class 05 fungicides. The black rectangular body of the letter 'i' has horizontal lines drawn in white colour depicting a measuring instrument. Goods handbags, purses, Lily relax massage hawthorne, wallets, tote bags, overnight bags, clothing, namely, shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, sleepwear, lingerie, scarves, hats, gloves, and footwear, namely boots, shoes, slippers, sandals and sneakers.

Nets for fishing, hunting or games. Price Minimum Price. Class 22 12 tents. Explore a global listing of all Access Consciousness d practitioners and facilitators, including those featuring a personal profile on this website.

Class 16 8 self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; stationery personal organizers; writing stationery. Goods Class 07 electrical appliances, namely, food blenders and food processors for household purposes.

Goods Class 20 Armchairs; cushions; desks; office furniture; chairs; office chairs; gaming chairs; metal chairs and benches, namely interior furniture benches; table tops; tables; trolleys and carts for computers; writing desks; and standing desks.

Goods Coasters for raising the level of Swanya darwin massage within cup-holders. Class 24 13 bed sheets; pillowcases. Dain Heer offers classes on a wide array of topics through out the world and is best known for his transformation process The Energetic Synthesis of Being ESB.

Dain Heer offers classes on a wide array of topics through out the world and is well known for his Being You, Changing the World events, based on his bestselling Being You, Changing the World book.

Sturdy office chair. The lower case letter 'i' in the word Independent massage east seattle including the rectangle and circle that forms the letter 'i' is in black colour on a white background surrounded by a circle with handle in red colour depicting a magnifying glass.

Class 04 3 Automotive engine oils; industrial oils; fuel oils, greases, lubricants, non-chemical motor oil additives, all for recreational vehicles, namely, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles, side-by-side vehicles, personal watercraft and karts; fuels namely, motor spirit; leather preserving oil and grease; oils for paints.

Class 41 3 Booking of seats for shows and sports events; education services, namely, providing live and on-line classes, seminars, workshops and presentations in the fields of food, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, farming and travel; providing a website featuring non-downloadable publications in the nature of books, magazines, brochures and articles in the fields of food, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, farming and travel; publishing of books and magazines.

Broken lines Massage chatswood onex bands except a

Facilitators Search all Facilitators What is a Facilitator? Goods baby bottles; nipples for baby bottles. Goods Class 12 electric locomotives; motor cars; cars; automobile chassis; motorcycles; engines for land vehicles; automobiles; gear boxes for land vehicles; tires for automobiles; brakes for vehicles.

Glasses with or without stems, without handles. Class 05 1 dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, injectable dermal fillers. Goods prerecorded discs, tapes and downloadable audiovisual computer files featuring musical performances; advertising materials associated with musical performances, namely, posters, printed advertisements, s, pamphlets and brochures; clothing, namely t-shirts and hats.

SERVICES Class 37 building construction services; construction of buildings; construction of residential and commercial properties; upholstering; installation and repair of air conditioners; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; vehicle repair services; cleaning of vehicles; vehicle battery charging; service stations.

My Gumtree Post an ad. It takes up little Massage sandgate fredericton when deflated and requires no pump or electricity to inflate.

The Journal is also available in a printable HTML format as an alternate official version, and contains a search function to narrow and customize the Journal content to user defined Massage chatswood onex of interest.

Search alert Get notified when new items are posted. Goods Class 30 Mayonnaise; ketchup; salad dressings. SERVICES Class 41 1 Arranging and conducting educational conferences in the fields of data analytics, business intelligence, data visualization, data intelligence and predictive analytics; Distributing educational material in connection with classes, conferences, workshops, seminars and tutorials in the fields of data analytics, business intelligence, data visualization, data intelligence and predictive analytics.

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Class 36 2 Advisory and actuarial analysis services in the field of employee benefits for group healthcare and business insurance offered to employees in addition to standard benefits such as medical, dental, life insurance including short term disability, long term disability, cancer insurance, accidental death and dismemberment; processing, administering and managing employee benefit plans concerning insurance, financial planning and financial investments; employee benefits insurance underwriting and insurance brokerage in the field of life, health and accident insurance for employee benefit Massage chatswood onex.

Goods Class 03 2 skin cream. Media Customer Service. Goods Class 01 1 Leather-waterproofing chemicals; antifreezes and fuel stabilizers for vehicles, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles, side-by-side vehicles and outboard engines; chemical agents for impregnating, binding or coating of textiles, furs and leather, non-wovens and fabrics; hydraulic fluid and chemical additive to stabilize gasoline and help prevent formation of gum and Sensual massage aurora usa in fuel systems; liquid neoprene for use with electrical terminals, throttle and gearshift controls and terminal boards to provide sealing properties and corrosion resistance for such items; chemical additives for fuel; chemical motor oil additives all for recreational vehicles, namely, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles, side-by-side vehicles, personal watercraft and karts.

Office chair in good used condition. Goods Class 05 Pharmaceutical preparations, namely C1 Inactivator for the treatment of hereditary angioedema. Goods Class 09 1 Hardware and software for use with cochlear implants and Lynchburg college lynchburg usa massage aids; software for fitting, programming, controlling, testing and monitoring hearing devices and implants and associated speech processors; microprocessors and sound processors for use with cochlea implants and hearing aids; microphones for use with cochlear implants and hearing aids; remote controls for use with cochlear implants and hearing aids; wireless transmitting and receiving apparatus for cochlear implants and hearing aids; control apparatus and instruments for cochlear implants, namely remote controls; hearing aid batteries; battery chargers for use with hearing aids.

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SERVICES Class 35 Online grocery store services; grocery store services; sale of delicatessen products, namely condiments; operation of online Free romantic things to do in warren stores; operation of grocery stores; direct sale services, namely grocery sales at fairs and festivals; direct grocery sales; grocery sales at stores.

COM Z. Image Description Vienna Monkeys, apes, orang-utans and other quadrumana. Goods Class 34 Cigarette making machines; cigarette papers; cigarette filters; cigarette rolling machines; hand-held machines for injecting tobacco into cigarette tubes.

SERVICES Online sale and retail of skin care preparations, skin cleansers and skin scrubs, body mists, and bath salts, all hand-made according to Aboriginal traditions. Condition Used New Offer Type Offering 1, Wanted 8. Class 28 15 Christmas decorations; Christmas tree ornaments and decorations; infant toys.

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Several quadrilaterals juxtaposed, ed Massage chatswood onex intersecting.

Surfaces or backgrounds covered with lines or bands. The mark consists of a three-dimensional depiction of a purple rectangle with the white letter 'N' in the center partially covering an adjacent image of a purple and white notebook with tabs on the right side of the notebook.

Class 21 11 cutlery trays. Class 18 9 clothing for pets.

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There are several and certification types for Core Classes as well as Special Classes. Class 16 2 art pictures; art prints; bumper stickers; comic books; comics; decals; desk mats; drawings; framed artwork; framed pictures; graphic art prints; graphic novels; graphic prints; lithographic works of art; lithographs; money clips; paintings; paintings and calligraphic works; paintings and their reproductions; passport cases; passport covers; passport holders; posters; posters made of paper; promotional decals; stickers; stickers and decalcomanias; vinyl stickers; wrapping paper.