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Names You Call Your Lover In Germany

Germans often use animal names such as Hasi and Maus as terms of endearment for loved onesa ccording to popular German magazines. Kosenamen pet names in German come in many forms, from the simple and classic Schatz to cuter ones like Knuddelpuddel.

Names you call your lover in germany


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Like in many other cultures, in Germany, we use terms of endearment to show our male and female partners how much we appreciate them. But we also have nicknames that are used to make fun of people.

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  • Names you call your lover in germany
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Beau bo means a "person that is very beautiful". Honigkuchenpferd honikkuchenferd The sweet name means "someone who is full of luck". You can use this sweet name for your charming mother, daughter or sister but we think it suits children best. Choosing cute and affectionate names for people we love helps to cement bonds.

Juwel djuel means "gem". A term of endearment is a phrase or word used to describe our loved ones and German terms of endearment are so sweet that they are used by people all around the world. Babe is a common favorite pet name among Germans.

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Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. You can use this to show that you treasure your family and friends. Herzblatt hertzblatanother name that is widespread in Germany, it means "sweetheart".

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For more naming ideas, also take a look at these cool nicknames for boys and these names with the best nicknames.

You may use this German name to express your feelings towards your children who are your little gems.

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It means "as sweet as a croissant". Schatz means "treasure ". You might want to call your daughter this adorable pet name.

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Blume compares a pretty girl to a flower. If you liked our list of German pet names then why not take a look at some girl names with boy nicknamesor for something different take a look at these hipster boy names.

Looking for a sweet German name for your boy to be known by at home.

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It is used to describe a sweet baby. A German term of endearment is perfect for showing your love.

From Schatzi meaning "sweetheart" to Pikkolo or Kind meaning "baby", we have put together some of the most popular German terms of endearment for those who you love.

  2. Want to impress those you care about by knowing words of endearment in different languages?
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  7. Names you call your lover in germany:
  8. Names you call your lover in germany

That's where we come in! You can choose from the following list of German pet names.

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Choosing the best term of endearment for your loved ones can take a lot of effort if you want to be sure of the background of the name, its origin and the meaning of the name. Allerliebstewhen you use this cute name, you are simply saying that your little girl is the best.

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Liebling is the second most popular nickname after Schatz, means "darling". If your loved one has brought happiness and sunshine in your life, then you might find this to be the perfect name.

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But choosing a cute pet name can be a difficult task at times. Pocahontas is a term used to compare a girl to the famous beauty in German.

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The name is perfect for your little bear. This German name is prevalent in many countries. Family and friends are little treasures, they deserve all of your love and a great pet name.

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Sex classifieds wattle flat It means "as sweet as a croissant".

Sometimes you might not just want to choose from gendered nicknames for your near and dear ones. This name is adorable.

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You may want to find graceful German names for your daughters or sisters. You can choose from these nicknames which are suitable for both boys and girls. Sonnenschein refers to "sunshine".

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Here are the best German terms of endearment for lovely girls in your life.