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InI furthered my understanding of the Saugatuck blackburn gay of my Dodds family. I knew the fates of the parents, Robert and Catherine, afteras well as the fates of their oldest three daughters, Hannah, Isabella, and Margaret. I also knew what became of their youngest two children, Martha Agnes my great-great-grandmotherand Warner Howard. However, three of their sons—Alexander, John H. Thanks to clues gained from DNA matches, I was able to discover a second marriage which produced two children for Alexander Doddsprior to his death in Buffalo in Dodds migrated to Pennsylvaniawhere he and Gilbert were working as day laborers in

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Senneville - Mohawk Co. Peter Worden collection.

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He was reported to have been born on 24 February in Canada, a data consistent with the date of February reported on the census. John was reported to be single, and age 24, which suggests a birth year circa He was born in Canada, to Canadian-born parents.

Wayne Singles in st catharines great yarmouth Upbound the St.

Port Stanley, Ontario, no longer exists as an independent municipality today. Dodds in the Boland household. However, there was exactly one search result for Spencer Dodds in the census of Canada, living in the village of Lucknow, Bruce County, Ontario Figure 6.

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Stern view, Dec. Downbound at Port Colborne, Dec. Leaving Welland Canal's Lock 4, May 24, Rob Wolcott. Senneville - Pioneer Shipping Ltd. Peter Worden Collection. At Richardson's, Thunder Bay on Aug. Rob Farrow. He was born on 20 August in West Pike, Pennsylvania—information which matches that found on the death certificate for Robert L.

Dodds exactly. If this hypothesis is correct, then B. Well, that happened to me when I made the breakthrough discovery on my John Dodds research, and Sabai dartmouth massage the life of me, I can no longer recall exactly what it was that inspired me to look for the record of his marriage to Lena Frazier in New York, rather than in Pennsylvania.

Names. In a column on the far right, which does not appear in this image, it states that the marriage took place on 20 Aprilwhich is an approximate match to the information from the census that they were married in In fact, when I wrote to the Willing town clerk to request a copy of the actual marriage record, she informed me that the marriage date according to their records was 20 Aprilnotso mistakes do happen.

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In this case, the Allegany County offers vital records transcriptionsincluding a of marriage transcriptions from the town of Willing, New York, covering Figure 6. Among her discoveries were two documents that I found to be especially noteworthy. Manage my alerts Close. At first glance, this might not appear to be the correct marriage record for Alexander Dodds, since his given name was recorded as Abraham, not Alexander.

On the ground floor there is also two reception room Any interested parties must submit any higher offers in writing to the selling Reset Update. Based on the preliminary evidence from these three documents, we can hypothesize that John Dodds of Potter County, Pennsylvania, who was the husband of Lena Frazier Dodds and was born in Canada circa to Robert Dodds and an unknown mother, is the same as the John H.

Dodds in my family tree. The property has two reception rooms, kitchen and ground floor shower room. Sitting on the popular Nile Road, Aldreds offer this two bedroom mid terrace house with ground floor cloakroom and first floor bathroom. According to this document, John Dodds died on 24 June in Ulysses, Pennsylvania—a borough in Potter Hemet all personals, the same county in which John was living in Dodds, no maiden name indicated.

Disabled, arriving at Goderich with tug assistance, May 1, Dale Baechler. Upbound at the Soo, Mar. Jim Lindholm. Of course, it may be that this information was merely omitted from the transcription. No found 10 20 Price descending Price ascending Newest Biggest reduction.

Downbound the Detroit River with the Locanto gay san leandro of Detroit in the background, Aug.

Approaching Welland Canal's Lock 1, Nov. Alex Howard.

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Upbound the Welland Canal, Apr. Bill Bird. Those children were Flossie H. Dodds, born Februaryand Robert L. Dodds, born August Dodds, confirmed the information in B. We can be certain that the Robert L. Dodds described in this death certificate is the same Robert L.

Dodds as the son who appeared in the census because the date and place of birth, 20 August in West Pike, Pennsylvania, are a match.

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William Straitz of Coudersport, Pennsylvania. The card states that Spencer Alexander Dodds was born in Buffalo, New York, on 7 Septembera fact which was immediately intriguing.

By this time, the older daughters had married, and Alexander was reported to be 21 years of age, which again suggests a birth year circa He was born in Ontario, was employed as a baker, and was reported to be of English origin through his father, but of the Presbyterian faith, along with his Scottish mother.

There were no good matches for him living How to break away from codependency near other members of his family, and his name was sufficiently common that chasing down each John Dodds living in North America after seemed like a thankless task.

Search saved. He was not there. Detroit River, Aug. Mike Nicholls. Death certificates, Series Dodds, Vol. Recently, I was able to resolve such a conflict, identify the great-grandparents of a DNA match, and discover how that DNA match was related to my family.

If the family were living in Port Stanley circa when their son John was born, then perhaps Robert and Catherine started their marriage in Elgin County and then moved to St. Catherines, rather than the reverse.

Algoville - Algoma Central Corp. However, if that were true, then we should be able to find an year-old Abraham Dodds in the census, living with parents Robert and Catherine. Properties for sale near St.

Dodds whose death certificate is shown in Figure 4. So far, so good. However, this census also notes that his wife, Lena Dodds, was born in Januaryso it may have Atlantis gentlemens club salford that John was fudging a bit to minimize the year age difference between him and his wife.

The census helps to resolve that doubt, however. Stern view. But just wait. Detroit River, Nov.

Dry docking in Thunder Bay, Feb. In drydock at Thunder Bay. Aerial view, May Don Coles. Lena Dodds was born in Pennsylvania, as were both of her parents.

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Downbound the Welland Canal passing under the Glendale Ave. Dodds seemed to disappear. Entering the Iroquois Lock, St. Peter Carter.

The day and month of birth may well be correct, even if the year is off. Ship Particulars. ByJohn had been married to his wife, Lena, for eight years, suggesting that they married circa John was employed as a farmer who owned his own farm.

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In light of this DNA match to S. The timeline works—Alexander would have been 45 years old when Spencer was born, not too old to father. Although my great-great-great-grandparents, Robert and Catherine Dodds, lived in St. The first documentary appearance of Alexander Dodds is in the Canadian Census, where he was found to be living with his parents, Robert and Catherine Dodds, in St.

He was their fourth child, and first son, born in Upper Canada about Figure 2.

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Roger LeLievre. ificantly, Jane was noted to be a widow, and less ificantly a Presbyterian of Irish extraction. Back in St. Catharines, where many of the Dodds children returned following the death of their mother inAlexander Dodds was found to be living with his wife, Elizabeth Figure 5.

At Pier 52, Toronto with a cargo of sugar during winter lay-up, Jan. Murray Smith. However, Abraham was noted to be employed as a a teamster, rather than a baker. On the St.

John Meyland. Upbound the Welland Canal, Aug. Downbound at the Soo, Apr. Disabled, arriving at Goderich May 1, At Hamilton for engine replacement, Oct. Wayne Brown. Taken together with the different name, this might be construed as evidence that Abraham and Kansas city ks gentlemens clubs Dodds were two different individuals.

He was further reported to be an alien who had been living in the U. The year of arrival would explain his absence from the census of Canada.

Scott Misener Collection.

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  3. McGiffin was the celebrated vessel as the first official upbound vessel at the Welland Canal's "Top Hat" ceremony at Lock 3 opening the canal for the season.
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Ontario Figure 3. And there it is! Bill Slate.

Singles in st catharines great yarmouth far, so good.

Neither were there any unequivocal matches for him in databases of U. The name is sufficiently common that the trail grew cold, in absence of better clues. In this document, Spencer A. Both of these facts are reasonably consistent with the information found on the military personnel card, which stated that he was born 7 September in Buffalo.

Combined with the fact that there were no individuals named Spencer Dodds who were found to be living in the U. The census further identifies Spencer as Housewives looking real sex gilliam missouri 65330 son of year-old Jane Dodds, born 21 March in Ontario.

Since Spencer was born in Buffalo inI first sought him in the U. Federal census. She was noted to be the mother of two children, both of whom were living at that time and appear in this census.

Fritz Hager.

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Dodds, 13 Aprilcertificate no. As the Senneville. His age, 21 years, points to a birth year ofwhich is the consistent with the year of birth of Alexander Dodds.

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As was the case with Alexander, the trail grew cold in absence of better clues.

Gary Clark. Unloading at Indiana Harbor, Rudi Rabe. Fritz Hagar. Heading under the bridges at the Soo, June 24, John Chomniak.

The property is within close proximity to shops, transport links and Aldreds offer this spacious, three bedroom mid terrace house sitting in the popular location.

Jamie Kerwin. To solve this mystery, I turned to the paper trail for Spencer Alexander Dodds. Upbound at Port Colborne, Dec. Bob Dowson.

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However, Aunt Carol took up the cause and was able to fill out the family tree quite nicely with lo of additional documents. A mature, bay fronted, hall entrance, three bedroom semi detached house sitting on the popular Stradbroke Road. A residence within the U. Gilbert does not appear in the census of Canada, and this record does a nice job of explaining why that might be.

Detroit River, Sept. Barry Andersen. Meeting the upbound salty Yarmouth above the Soo Locks, Apr. Jerry Masson. Check, check, and check.

Find A Singles in st catharines great yarmouth, Inc.

Sarnia Grain Elevator, Mark Dease. He, too, was said to have been born in Canada of Canadian-born parents. Between that, and the discrepancy in his age, it would have been easy to dismiss any connection, based solely on this one document.

If this proposed relationship is correct, it would mean that S. The amount of DNA shared between S. However, this hypothesis required some additional documentary research before it could be accepted.