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After a visit to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic that was all too short, the day of departure arrived. Neither my travel companion, Juan Carlos Arvelo, nor I wanted to leave but it was time to go.

Sosua miami beach girls


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Stories and advice about Sosua and the Dominican women you can meet. Read the latest news about Sosua. If you love the Dominican Republic, this is the website to visit until you get back here. Welcome, Guest.

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Terry, Belgium 26 August Been coming to Sosua for over 15 years and one of the reasons we return is the uniqueness of the beach, the restaurants, the friendly entrepreneurs and the service provided by these entrepreneurs.

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Regarding the pandemic, it would be helpful if you did and article on what the Mayor feels the Aldermen should be doing rather than attempting to improve the image of Sosua by moving the eyesores to another location.

It would be a travesty to change this development.

Search for images Search for stock images, vectors and videos. Michel sosua 7 March your piece today about the vaccination experience was too kind.

Put them in a poppin club and they are huggin the bar sippin prezzies! I was looking at going there the first week in April.

Book Sosua miami beach girls.

Search with an image file or link to find similar images. Looks like Covid is fading, but not fast enough.

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Quote from: Jazzy on June 18,PM. As like you my occupation has me in the clubs every night and around people yes younger then me but I still know how to stay relevant! Kind of like it as the little town of Sosua and not like the madness of a place like Miami.

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  • At night this town is for guys and girls.
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I hear a lot of folks here getting ready to travel soon.

This is a huge financial burden for them. The change in entertainment offerings is a great idea and I hope the owners are prepared to keep the restaurant open long enough to get it established.

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DEEP PLEASURE MASSAGE FRESNO It is diverse and is busy with local people and tourists alike.

The locals will keep coming but the atmosphere won't be the same. Peter, Canada 20 May Pleased to see the new cadillac restaurant is opening.

Northwestern Dominican Republic.

Dreams come true in Sosua - Puerto Plata Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

But alas our time on Sosua Beach and in the Dominican Republic had run out, at least for this trip.

Been coming to Sosua for 15 years as well. Quote from: uth on Today at AM. Off Topic speaking of Biden! Don't want this town to become an over crowded, over priced, zoo for a bunch of jack asses.

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  3. Jeref, United States 21 May Iv been coming to sosua for 11 years.
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Following is a brief list of some the best of the Dominican Republic that we were not able to experience, not on this visit anyhow, but you may want to include them in your itinerary when you plan your visit.

I am sure many local residents will be interested as well as tourist. They want to commercialize this bay to the maximum.

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Good work folks, sosua is currently looking better. Here is one small example of the disorganization. God knows it has already seen a few too many of those.

I say, what is better for the few Sosua miami beach girls not necessarily best for the many.

Similar to the north west the southwestern Dominican Republic is likewise arid, sunny and full of surprises that one might not typically expect on a tropical Caribbean island It is a true tropical gem with tall sand dunes and many other visual delights.

It is a mostly virginal area with historic ties to Cuba.

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We had been blessed with many wonderful experiences and we had met scores of genuinely pleasant people but there is so much more. Consequently, it offers a unique cultural blend as well as arid desert mountains and emerald green beaches. This is where the Dominican Republic meets with its island neighbor Haiti.

Sosua miami beach girls street pestering illegal.

Sosua Beach depicts the Dominican Republic culture and is enjoyed by everyone who visits this area.

Craig 5 April The Aldermen are to be commended on their desire to improve the image of Sosua. Hush up and enjoy it. I have to because my money has to stay relevant. Let's all spread the word of how great Sosua is!

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Monte Cristi is the most northwestern province in the Dominican Republic. What else can you tell me? Vaccination place was set up in back. Ken, USA 28 August Very small improvements and repairs to the beach are ok but no one should be allowed to cut down any of the wonderful trees around the beach.

To get there you had to pass through a gate but to do so you had to have a indicating your turn to be vaccinated. I almost spit my coffee out last nite when smooth mr Biden fell off the bike,at least he was not hurt the bike not damaged all good,This is a criminal having a senile old guy get Ballarat sandra brown a bike in the first place, the funny part he got up to hug a girl!!!

Has anyone had random rapid Covid testing on arrival, how long does it take?

Sosua miami beach girls, USA 28 August Very small improvements and repairs to the beach are ok but no one should be allowed to cut down any of the wonderful trees around the beach.

Why do those things if the people who will most enjoy them don't see them. Recent Posts. Mother nature is in charge of the care for Sosua Beach.

What about the Discos?

It is the only beach in the DR we have been to where it is not commercialized with big hotels and privately owned properties and we can enjoy the true DR culture along with locals, residents, expats, and tourists.

Search by image. Interesting, troubled times.

Flower boxes, wall paintings, entrance s, etc, are helpful, but do not come close to replacing the image of Sosua created by the prostitutes congregated on main street. Wolfgang, Germany 27 August Gloria Jean, we all love this beach for its uniqueness as you said.

Jeref, United States 21 May Iv been coming to sosua for 11 years. Anthony, USA 14 March Moving the bars and discos to the end of Pedro Clesente may be good but what about the the owners who have invested heavily in their businesses.

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Southwestern Dominica Republic. But the player will observe the environment and get a table with a bottle and hookah ….

We don't have Sosua miami beach girls floss popping any bottles or pay for VIP sections, dress fly or even speak Spanish.

It would not have taken much planning to have made this a more orderly process. It is diverse and is busy with local people and tourists alike. And sadly, off to the airport we did go.

I don't need big hotels at sosua beach. Bring your metal suit,Glad your ng the club, Since your New to the Su your going to get hit on your the prey reveresd rolls the chica are the hunters They can spot a newbie in an Nano second have fun most important rule chica proof your room!!!!!!

We had been blessed with Sosua miami beach girls wonderful experiences and we had met scores of genuinely pleasant people but there is so much more.

Not one chica is looking at them. Chris, Sosua 27 April Greetings Sosua folks. Instead of being at a table with someone to help maintain an orderly line, the person was roaming around in the crowd.

I'm afraid it's over.

Sosua miami beach girls several crystal clear blue pools surrounded by limestone rock.

Do not invest any money in this banana republic! And watch the attention come his way. They give the beach goers the feeling of being in nature and provide shade and protection to all who want it.


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A large crowd was in the front parking lot. They have already been forcebly closed by the government because of the virus.

Very sorry the mayor has not given more leadership to this, which means more for Sosua than the art work and sidewalk planters.

The problem was nobody knew where the person was giving out the s. I see the curfew and the restriction on crab and lobster which is a bummer. Chuck, Houston, Texas 14 April Has anyone heard any information about Classicos opening back up? There is so much to see and do that one should plan on no less than two days and even more is better.

The beach, the way it now, is full of life, character, personality, happiness, variety, Sosua miami beach girls food, music, dancing, beautiful shade trees, friendly locals and most importantly, independent jobs for those who really need them.

Live news. I'm hearing that the bars are back open. Any changes can't include the pouring of concrete or brick laying.