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Posted by skip Posted by GSte. And then I noticed that 3 out of 4 of his backhands went into the net or over the baseline, off of balls fed from a hopper!

I'd take Federer, Stich, Edberg, or even Lendl once Roche started working with him when it comes to aesthetically beautiful one-handers Two handers have been my choice since Courier's Suck my cock until you choke whore. I'm doing my routine on this pristine new court that is like a clean slate, and I think: hey, let's try something new here.

I heard he left his wife etc. The biggest advantage of a two hander is you can disguise it better, hold your shots longer, and of course have greater control. Except that would better describe my GOLF game Thanks, Todd, but I should clarify and say that it's more like a 3-inches off the ground "gliding" scissors-kick one-handed backhand topspin drive.

But when he is rallying, he holds the racket in a continental right-handed grip, with his left hand on the neck of the racket. I didn't appreciate Connors until he became the elder-statesman who didn't love his US Open run at age 39? It's given me tons of confidence and made it so that it is my position in doubles and I don't run around a bh to hit a fh.

In fact, the game was considered a decadent imperialistic pursuit, and the Romanian autocrats probably would not have allowed Nastase to play tennis abroad if it were not for the game's new professional nature. They slice only when stretched out wide and are in a defensive position.

Nastase certainly fits this description, as did Laver and Navratilova. Two other things to note about Sunshine coast valdosta massage two-fisted backhand: 1 He almost always stepped into it as would a one-hander; and 2 He buggy-whipped it, using his right and left hand in a quick, opposing motion in order to gain great acceleration of the racquet head thorugh the contact point.

ANanth, Tokyo Tom, and Skip I had today what I can only describe as a Zen moment, or make that three Zen moments.

Posted by Duello. You can swing the racket faster with one hand.

Intersting, too, abolut your 14year-old. His volley seems much improved. Two-handers can certainly hit a slice backhand. I like Haas's backhand! Yes, his grip and takeback are unorthodox, but there's something about his game that seems unforced to me. Rod Laver had one of the best topspinning BH.

Lendl introduced unprecedented power on his BH. Federer finished what Sampras started but couldn't complete which was to Cornwall ontario escorts baseline points outright with a BH. Sampras could do it but not naturally, most of the time getting stuck at that side until he can hit his ferocious deep forehands.

Escort lady little rock have to turn their shoulders: if they have anything close to decent form using the 2nd hand makes this happen.

In the Henin-Mauresmo match from Dubai a few months ago, Mauresmo hit a similar shot. Among the men, the one-handed backhand is not only a dominant shot for many Haas, Federer, Pavel, Ljubicic, Bracciali, Gaudio, othersit still provides the most variety and the best chance to develop a transition game to be able to attack the net off the backhand wing in the middle of an exchange.

I practice the one-hander Women seeking men in surprise pimpri naseum thanks to, but not limited to: Federer, Gasquet, ping pongbut at critical moments in games, I always find myself going to the trusty two-hander.

So the statistical sample is:. Does this mean the one-handed backhand will disappear? The best of both worlds. I don't claim to have taught this to Federer, but clearly he profits from this, too, as Murray and Gonzalez do, as well.

Thanks to all you people. Posted by ptenisnet. If anything, this is good prep for the French Open for people like me who lack insight and knowledge into playing tennis.

Todd and in Charge Jeez, we're beginning to sound like TennisOne, and I'm as guilty as anyone.

That's why god invented teaching pros. And if you looked him in the eye I made a practice out of doing this, just for the hail of it and said something like, "Nasty, you are the greatest tennis player God ever put on this earth!

Good points about the hips, trnk and shoulder rotation on the one- and two-handed Mujeres latinas dollard des ormeaux stanislaus. I once encountered Nastase in a rather casual social situation nothing very important, nor could I have Sweet n nasty bodo that it would happen.

And on top of all that, he had very keen vision or so it seemed and ultra-quick reflexes. Maplesugar: "Different strokes for different folks".

He had ever shot in the book, and the temerity to go for any of them, at any time. I agree with slice-n-dice regarding the grip on a one-hander making it more suitable to coming in off the backhand side, but I disagree regarding variety.

I think that he was playing Vitas Guerulatis I know I've misspelled.

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Wild Women of the U. Open Wild Men of the U. This blog has entries and comments. When I picked tennis up again about 7 years ago, I was taught with a 2hbh.

But in every other case, I'll take the one-hander. As I opined earlier, this is due more to club players having less perfect timing and technique than the pros regardless of which backhand they use.

Posted by Ed McGrogan. s Todd in bowing to Slice-n-dice. Text and sardis sex fre with a hottie loved his sixty minutes classic interview where he was brash enough to intereupt a separate interview Escort anmore luxe Vitas and Solomon?

Nope, sorry — winning has a beauty all its own, but give me the one-hander if we're talking aesthetics and majesty. Bodo, I'll say this with the utmost respect: You gotta be nuts to say Nastase was smoother or that he could swing a racquet more naturally than Roger Federer.

Posted by hammerhai. If they could be forced to Ocala prostitutes in ocala on the run, the shot lost quite a bit of the pop and control. One thing I did think a bit about when I read skip's post was the difference in the way the two shots are physically constructed.

Whereas, the one-handed backhand is open and grand looking. The quote is: " Born and raised in the totalitarian hellhole that was Romania, he was part of a culture in which beating the system was not merely a popular pastime but an honorable one.

I had to fight to learn a one hander and a western grip. Probably why Roger struggled against him for so long. He in turn walked over and introduced himself and I think he was more interested in my wife than my compliments.

McEnroe was the first player I really liked. I had hoped that with the success of TMF and Henin that club pros would at least outline the two backhand choices, if not just teach a one hander out right. No biggie, really, but I hadn;t heard it in moons, and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful rock songs ever produced, and it's next to impossible not to try to sing along to.

Guess I'm nut, Swissmaestro; pls. As for Andre Agassi's two-fisted bckhand, a thing of rare beauty and efficiency, it is not the standard, although when I teach the stroke, I use it as the model. On my way fro the storage unit to the court, Led Zepellin's "Stairway to Heaven" came on the radio.

But the Romanian B-boy had a feline, liquid quality that no player I've ever watched can match. A one handed backhand of let's say Henin vs. Posted by Twist Serve. I've also found that as a one hander I'm predisposed to using a bit more variety in my game.

As far as aesthetics and two-handed backhands go, I think Mats Sweet n nasty bodo a pretty nice looking two-hander.

Aw, Pete, I'm sorry to see ya go over to the other side, mate. Nastase was the tennis equivalent of a Brazilian soccer star; he moved beautifully and deceptively, he had elastic limbs and a marvelous "touch".

Sound like anyone we know? Federer and Henin are at the top of my list of backhands. Need I say they played Stairway? Federer is excluded from this to some degree, as is Santoro, who's an exception to every rule other than "Contact Is Essential". You all are singing one beautiful tune.

Multumesc for the nice article about Nastase and his game, Pete.

There much smaller and less muscular.

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How he develops will be intriguing. Daily Spin. Today, I find my slice backhand wins points simply because so many players aren't accustomed to seeing it. At the same time, at a moment's notice he would shrug and mutter, giving up the battle, with a facial expression as simple and touching as you might find on the face of a confused or chastised.

All at once the entire JFK Stadium began singin along,people minus the 3 of us who were mortified. As for Gasquet, I have never been a fan of that backhand.

This is something he shares with Pete Sampras, by the way. To me, he's the anti-Federer, i. Both are beautiful, but the one-hander is my favorite. Whoa, what key did I press there? The leg work you cite is absolutely right, and I think you're also right about its increased value to 1H BH.

Stan Smith did an analysis in Tennis magazine about a year ago on the Federer 1H topspin BH at the AO, and he got incredibly low Horney wife moerdijk held his position well after the shot was away. Now, for something a little unusual from me.

More Video. Slice: BTW, loved your zen moments. At Live Aid, here in Philly in July ofwe were there when Led Zep was beamed onto the huge video screen from London, where they were playing.

Now I only see him Love to suck big breast a one-hander in practice, or if he wants to finish off a short ball with flourish.

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I'd add that he has mastered several grips, perhaps all but the extreme western, which I'm sure he could hit easily but chooses otherwise. Posted by Evie.

This latter element of the Agassi two-fisted backhand is a very complex coordination that would cause most players to spray balls all over the court and beyond. Posted by Rosangel. Harder to his but with more control and range. Give your mom a screwdriver and ask her to tighten a screw in the ceiling or high place and you'll see how quickly she fatigues opkay, bad example, and no offense to you mom.

What I love about Federer's game is that it is both incredibly beautiful and so effective.

An interesting story -- my 14 year old is a promising junior. All pros use two hands in the take back of the shot, typically well above the head.

If he saw you in a hotel lobby or in the streets of New York which happened quite often as we once lived in the same neighborhoodhe would get all excited: "Bodo, Bodo, what you doing here as if you were supposed to be in Kuala Lampurwhat do you think about insert name of top player?

Not very exciting. Fuck lonely moms in souderton group just the picture of balance and it has made many of my figure drawings look great.

I just had a different opinion. The position of the hand on the neck may be different - 1H tend to have the supporting LH if R handed further up the throat of the racquet. Posted by lipitor. I know most of his students have the 2 hander, but then there's Haas I recalled on reading this post, and then CM's comment, something that Pete wrote in his book "Courts of Babylon", which has stayed with me when I think about Ilie Nastase.

Posted by Underground sex clubs port stephens tennis fan. Think we need the MOD Squad for the post above this one.

It's like I'm going against the family, but I find the two-hander actually MORE versatile at times than the one-hander, even with the range it gives you.

And talking about Federer, I think the his greatest technical distinction is not his one-handed backhand; it is that he hits more shots using the continental grip than any other pro playing today. Posted by Manolescu.

Ryan: Yup. That's the reason I've never been a Nalbandian fan. Posted by mrjiggyfly2. If there is one reason, and one reason alone, to incorporate a slice backhand into a two-hander's repertoire, it's contained in this advice I was given by Mr. In the days when ball machines couldn't be programmed to hit a variety of shots, Mr.

B told us to never use one for practice. Rock on, brothers. It's like the hammer-throw in track, or the well-executed swing of a baseball bat. Both ways have more than enough power available if you get behind the ball and have good timing.

She had a strong baseline game much better than my lowly 3. So we went to the coach, who showed him the fundamentals, and he pretty much picked it up right away. Posted by Todd and in Charge.

As far as I can tell, a new shot was born today I Geylang road peabody prostitution my stairway to heaven is just a mile down the road on a half-court with a cement block wall.

York high class escort reading through yesterday and today's comments at Terra Tennista, Ray Stonada weighed in with this gem:.

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I agree completely with your comment on Federer's reliance on the continental grip.

You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

Good point about Djokovic as I've always thought that he reminds me of Federer with a two hander. It looks more "whole" to me than the one-handed backhand, and especially moreso than one of those big wind-up, sweeping low-to-high, long backswing backhands that looks like a the player is smacking someone on the lips with the back of his hand.

My wife and I were in turks an caicos Moncton gay brothels past january.

What I discovered in my Zen moment was that I can quite adequately take the ball moving forward with boh feet off the ground and doing a reverse scissors think karioke step but in the air and drill a heavy topspin drive.

I think you guys and gals, Pete's Tribe, may be the only folks on the pkanet that might "get" what I'm abolut to share. Pierre: Thanks for the info on Paul Metzler's book. But actually, this is a pretty interesting topic for American marrying a oxnard man because in my game, I'm undecided whether I want to commit to a one-hander or two-hander.

I wondered if I coulkd achieve something akin to that with my one-hander. Somehow Federer seems to blend a lot of historical strengths in his BH.

However, as one Bodo might say it's not the tactic but the execution that the Record Books remember - not always a one-to-one relationship.

Somehow, the one-hander, even in the best of hands, leaves that other limb dangling and a little too removed from the action. A few months later, however, he is back to two-hands.

As much as I appreciate a nicely struck two-fisted backhand Evert, Agassi and Safin come Sweet n nasty bodo mindI am completely engrossed by the simple elegance of the long, smooth arc generated by the solitary arm.

I do remember my Dad was one of very few people cheering for Nastase for his shot making, not his personality. Slice: A truly frightening moment: At Live Aid, here in Philly in July ofwe were there when Led Zep was beamed onto the huge video screen from London, where they were playing.

Enjoy your time in KL! I learned how to play tennis with a 1hbh in the early 80s as a Petra escort timmins. I can't think of a two-handed backhander that deserves to be considered in that company.

Open, I'm telling him you said that! I sort of could imagine that the one-handed is an awesome way to play. He is an Australian tennis aficionado who wrote a of books, including one called "Tennis styles and stylists". But you catch my drift.

For most people, it would be the overhead, serve, and forehand, all hit with one hand. I read a comment a few years ago may have been before Federer turned the corner against Nalbandian where he referred to Nalbandian's game as "contra-tennis", meaning that it was not attractive.

Even if you're primarily a baseliner, Derika pucci think a player of that level should have better net skills.

I second Rosangel's thoughts on "Nastase-as-product-of-communist-country-able-to-play-only-after-conning-authorities-into-a-hall-pass. Posted by Suf. Posted by one hander. What shots can you hit the hardest? I made a point of Saloon gay bar palmerston for this, and sure enough Craigslist personals new bathurst was true.

His most solid and dependable shot, like mine, is his two-handed backhand. Posted by Ryan. Connors, on the other hand, did not appeal to me game-wise, so I didn't care for him much till his elder statesman days. I did find it interesting that at this level for women so leave out the men 1 none of the players on the top US team used a one hander and 2 they did not play a single player who used a one hander.

As we get farther and farther removed from those days, it becomes more of a nostalgia trip to remember what it was like when a good percentage of the tennis world was only "permitted" to travel under just the right circumstances. I love your comment, what more is there to say?

I'll say this with the utmost respect: You gotta be nuts to say Nastase was smoother or that he could swing a racquet more naturally than Roger Federer. Posted by SwissMaestro. Semi and Sweet n nasty bodo players, meaning most of today's pros, use the racquet as more of a club, playing with the shaft.

And when I do trust it, it had given me good. Before we know it, you'll be changing your handle to slice-n-drive. When I try to pull that off, the ball bounces off my chest.

As for Andre Agassi's two-fisted bckhand, a thing of rare beauty and efficiency, it is not the standard, although when I teach the stroke, Sweet n nasty bodo use it as the model.

A mutual friend who's a tennis instructor and was Cambridge adult swingers the next court over, asked me to hit short slices to bring her to the forecourt.

But tennis had suddenly become a way to raise hard Western cash for the ruling elite of a nation whose own currency was about as valuable as beetle dung. I'll have to check that out.

If anyone has an artistic side they know that from a composition point of view, a one hander is an artists dream.

A smooth two-handed backhand--Safin, Hingis, Nalbandian, Rios--is always prettier than a stiff one-hander--Corretja, Costa, insert clay-court grinder here. For some reason, it's more difficult to bring two hands from low to high than it is with one.

Posted by ineli. Ah Tokyo Tom Statistical Sample: 1 International women players playing in US 2 Division One University players Hoppers crossing backpage shemales did find it interesting that at this level for women so leave out the men 1 none of the players on the top US team used a one hander and 2 they did not play a single player who used a one hander.

His chip backhand serve return is great in the current game, but it would be eaten up by a really good volleyer. Posted by haole1. His behavior would made me cringe, but the magic he could produce with his racquet far outweighed his antics.

I also noticed that, UNLIKE AGASSI, he prepared for the stroke much too late, taking the racquet back, aligning his shoulders, and moving his feet into final striking position, all in one quick motion, rather than taking his racquet back and aligning his shoulders early, so he could "wait on" the ball.

He was eating dinner on the beach at the same restaurant we were. There's something about the nicely struck two-handed backhand - think Safin on his best day - that is really integrated and lovely in a minimalist sort of way. The closest I've seen to him is Federer, then Pioline at his very very best.

Live Scores. So, here goes I left the house after lunch to take some things to storage we'll be moving to Durham in August and to grab a quick minute workout at my favorite wall a mile from my house.

If we think of the two-handed follow-thru having the racquet tip pointing up more or lesssurely that precludes slice.

I realize two handers are just as good, but asthetically they appear jerky and stunted. And the continental grip is the one that Nastase I believe used for all his shots. Can we talk about Zepellin now? Wilander had the most beautiful backhand, very subtle difference in the way he would release his left hand after the shot, seemed he had the ball on a string at times, and Rios' backhand was equally as interesting and effective Sampras' backhand was talked about poorly but nobody could wait on a shot like him then stick it.

Posted by Lisa. The guy to watch on this whole issue, to me, is Djoko, who has a game that resembles the heaviest hitters Sampras, Federerbut hits with two-hands.

I'm being swayed by both hands, after today's set I played, and this post. A one handed backhand is beautiful throughout, and each player hits it a little bit differently.

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I didn't pay attention to either variation before him, I was a forehand hog. This latter motion also halps to keep the hips, trunk and shoulders "squared" to the ball, frozen at contact. Pierre des Joachims: Wow. Top notch stuff at pm. Ashe once said you could tell how well Laver was playing on a given day by how he was hitting his sliced backhand.

It doesn't really matter at the hacker level the one or two or with the power racquet set - that is a different game anyway. In terms of watching, there's no question in my mind that the one-handed topspin backhand a la Gaudio, Henin or Kuerten is the most aesthetically attractive backhand shot.

Good points aboutb the variety, particularly the dipping angled topspins and the topspin lob come to mind as shots that are much easiter to hit and to disguise with the two-fisted backhand. Agassi was a master technician, and precise with his preparation and his stroke production--an exceptional athlete among exceptional athletes.

I must say as a one hander I do sometimes find myself admiring the beauty of a two hander's stroke, but those moments are few and far between pretty much only when I see the follow-through.

Indeed, him and a tennis buddy played a whole match in which they only permitted themselves to hit one-handed Date female bodybuilders southport. Well, if any title could entice me to read the post!

With the two-handed backhanded, you can hit a drive approach or you can hit a one-handed slice approach.

You make some cogent arguments in antithesis to mine on Pete's other thread, and Shemale hanford doll agree to a very large extent with your assessment and analysis of Agassi's two-fisted backhand.

I'm glad that Ray qualified his admiration for the one-handed, topspin backhand, although watching Ilie Nastase hit it was indeed a sight to behold: great shoulder turn, compact take-back, fairly tight, close swing - it was very different from the "long" stroke so popular today think Kuerten, Gasquet, or - if you're old school - Vilas or Teltscher, both backhand masters.

Think about it; everyone today plays the way Borg did; excessive topspin off of both sides, two handed backhand, the western grip, only come to the net to end the point, not to win the point.

Posted by codepoke. But certain two-handers' style is almost as good: think Marat's crosscourt backhand when stretched, or Nalbandian's inside-out service two-handed return Murray is good with that too. I saw Nastase play only 5 years ago and it is still a thing of beauty.

I've noticed in the last 18 months, as I've done more weight training, that I've gained leg and upper back strength, and this really kicks in when asked to hit for length when pushed back by an opponent hitting a "heavy" ball. Generally speaking, wherever additional Bonfire and beer tonight stability is required, or the contact point is above the shoulder's optimal power zone, or the contact point is too close to the body for full arm extension, the two-fisted backhand is beneficial and even advantageous.

Pete, a question-do you what Nick Bolletieri thinks in this backhand debate? They did this constantly. Robert Plant's unbelievably rhythmic blues wailing I was in heaven for all of minutes, when I arrived at the court.

It was inevitable that Nastase would opportunistically abuse and manipulate rules that relied so heavily on individual conscience and notions of gentlemanly conduct. Neat to see that done with a one-hander. Using the non-dominant hand to bring the racquet back helps in this. Posted by. Your experiential data is relevant and inetrsting, but skewed.

Must admit that it's so cold Sweet n nasty bodo in Atlanta that instead of finishing my Christmas shopping.

I will have to try that minus all the lucky zen stuff, I'm sure. One more point: Look closely at how someone like Agassi plays. The big difference is topspin shots. Jokes aside, I have to try it next time I play and see if I can keep it in the zipcode.

The shoulders and arms rotate through the shot, but that isn't where the main action is.

Nastase, Dirty com brantford the way, was a French Open champion, and if you think Goran Ivanisevic and Marat Safin are nutty but in a good wayNastase was such a flake that his mentor and doubles partner Ion Tiriac once said, "Nastase does not have a brain, he has a little bird flying around in his head.

As far as aesthetics and two-handed backhands go, I think Mats had a pretty nice looking two-hander. Posted by la boheme. Currently only the 1HB players tend to play an allcourt game. That is a most efficient way to go, as it allows him to play the slice and volleys and to switch to his forehand with very slight shifts in his grip.

The rarely volley and even when they do volley its on a topspin approach. I recall that the scoop on Steffi Graf that slice or die, never hit a topspin backhand, EVER queen of the courts used to practice topspin backhands and could really clock them, but when it came to live ball for the prize, she always reverted to her New fountainebleau transexual bar, perhaps one of the single most effective shots in tennis history, along with Rosewall's slice backhand, Sampras' serves, McEnroe's and Edberg's volleys, Nadal's and Federer's forehands, etc.

This would include his serve, volleys, overhe like everyone else, plus his slice shots, his block and chip serve returns off backhand and sometimes even forehand, and his "squash shots" and other emergency shots that he improvises, Hookup spots boise ones you see on the highlight videos.

Sounds like he has an impressive mental game, too! What is happening at the junior level and college players are just a step removed from the juniors is greatly influenced by what is being taught in clubs, clinics and academies all over the world. Its visually appealing and a great shot too!

I sent a waitress over to buy his table drinks. Is this still a two-hander?

Now I'm Sweet n nasty bodo.

So he uses the oldest grip more than the other players, I think that is what gives his game the artistic or aesthetic value that people recognize. Happened every time.

I really like his stuff, I think people who are interested in tennis grips, and aesthetics, would enjoy his work. If a allcourt player were to emerge who used all the strokes in the game and played with a 2HB then i would not have a problem at all.

My problem with the 2HB is not so much the stroke itself.

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He can really whip a sharply-angled crosscourt backhand, especially on the run. On TV. Archive. We are talking aethetics though; Mats never could generate much pace off his groundstrokes.

More heaven. They simply let go with the rear hand for the follow-thru. Slice shots, off either wing, are easier to hit in fact, more properly hit moving or leaning forward into the shot.

No offense taken, SM. I got fairly thick hide. By everyone. I actually like a good one hander better even though I used a two hander myself my better wing by a mile.

Nice post. It's like meeting a gorgeous guy Pete: Interesting thoughts. Has anyone here read anything by Paul Metzler? Chela's prep, the swing, and actual contact, are all especially sweet. But a good example Gulfport md nude girls be Courier.

These references to Borg and Nastase make me think of their Wimbledon final. I was too young to appreciate it. Pete, like I posted on the other thread about this same topic, I did watch Nastase play - albeit more towards the end of his career.

In essence they dumb down the game by taking away options. In real life he is the nice guy pete spoke of.

I learned with a two-hander and I still regret it. Nastase was even further before my time than Sam, so thanks for the insight on Nasty's personality Morgantown wv massage the court Pete.

But most of the Spanish armada have sweet backhands. It was broadcast in the States on tape in the afternoon. Yet a few months ago he became obsessed with learning how to hit a topspin one-hander.

Posted by Joe. Posted by Kenneth. Incidentally, I prefer to use the term "two-fisted" in part because in the error-prone world of electronic communications, it reduces the likelihood of confusion if a typo is introduced or a word inadvertently omitted.

Hingis and Rios are by far my favorites among the two-handers. Pete could change that grip from his continental on slice backhands and volleys and overhe, to an eastern for his running forehand or even a semi-western on occasion when he needed to "curl" the ball or come up with a topspin lob or whip drive from near or inside the service line.

When the ball comes to his forehand, he switches Kaneohe hawaii contractor looking for a match the continental grip to his semi-western forehand grip. Oh Pete, what could be more elegant than that left hand of Nastase's above, cast in gorgeous, balancing opposition against the follow-thru of the right?

And, the slice that I can hit with it just flat out catches people by surprise! After all, it's not like I'm going to be hanging out with them or anything. I guess i just like the look of the one hander It's funny, but when Bjorn Borg came along everyone criticized his strokes and style, but the modern game was really shaped by him.

After the demo, it was obvious although difficult to execute due to how bloody good they were the strategy - go after the forehand the weaker wing in this instance until one could hit Sweet n nasty bodo and get them on the run to hit that two Sweet n nasty bodo.

Sweet n nasty bodo: Thanks for the advice and invite to hit a few, "Come out Pete.
Sweet n nasty bodo My seat was the 1st-row aisle seat.

For club players the two hander offers more easy, available power in more situations. We don't need to beat the theme to death, but I have a few more thoughts on the heels of yesterday's intriguing discussion about one-handed vs.

I loved the guy, partly because he didn't have a pretentious or presumptuous bone in his body.

Sweet n nasty bodo "Review for Eurowings".

And ATP board member once had differences with Nastase due to an unwelcome nickname bestowed by Nastaseand at one French Open picked up Nastase, put him inside a locker, and closed the door. Good post. Yep - and qualified to US based though international in make up -Women playing at the very top level of University tennis.

I never saw his style as boring because he was the only guy who played like that back then, but now that style of play has gotten a little monotonous, cause everybody employs it. It might, but I sincerely hope not.

Take a look at Ivan Lendl's backhand, or Tommy Haas, or Roger Federer, and you'll see how low they get when the ball is in their power zone and they want to rip it.

There is no point of comparison. There are standards for aesthetics after all, and whether it's Nastase or Federer, a comparison to Nureyev or Baryshnikov is not without foundation. Agree Ananth - and noted that Rafa is working hard on creating a more rounded all court game to expand beyond clay.

That Horny women in calhoun falls sc me because I figured that the young Borg would have other opportunities to win little did I know Did others see the scrol or was it only my local station that was dumb enough to broadcast it?

On the women's side, in second year of official rankings Chris Evert was the only two-handed player. Beauty and Bratty just don't mix with me. And Connors too, really.

That's when I notice that all Michelle bloomington escort courts AND the separately fenced wall court have been resurfaced and repainted!

Hmmm, really Sam? I love Nalbandian's game. Posted by CM. Posted by Sam. On the backhand debate, I think I've beat that to death on the other thread. Nastase was slightly before my time, but sounds like my type of player stylistically. It was extremely dependable, whether hit with slice or topspin, and because it couldn't be attacked as easily as most lefties' backhands, his forehand was made even more devastating.

Even when I see interviews with him nowadays, he seems like quite the character. Glad someone thinks along those same lines. Because there are very few serve and volleyers around these days. Her lack of forecourt skills was alarming, and she was visibly uncomfortable and unhappy being in front of the service line.

Bad behavior doesn't necessarily bother me - I'm more interested in the player's game. I have always preferred the one hander. He has great control, and even though he generally hits the ball flat or with some topspin, I still think he has great variety due to his placement.

Those are sweet-looking shots. Federer's or a big guy Impregnated stories as Amer Delic wont even stand a chance.

For one-handers it takes more conscious effort when learning the stroke. Thanks for the advice and invite to hit a few, "Come out Pete. Why does Federer dominate with a one-handed backhand? A strong two-hander can hit down the line, cross-court, typically with more power and spin, thus enabling the player to have more opportunities and presumably more time to come to net in the first place.

I can't think of any of any shot that he hits which looks attractive. I play 1H, not terribly well, so others like skip and DM will probably be able to add a lot more.

This one I do believe; simply because the left hand is in position to get the racket back quicker, and the grip change for the right hand is less than for someone trying to change from a semi-western forehand grip all the way over to a semi-western backhand e.

Maybe that's why he can still be relatively competitive while totally out of shape. On fast surfaces, a slice approach is often the better shot but they won't do it because they don't like slicing the ball.

But anyway. But this is a matter of degrees and I will nolt be dogmatic if you won't be. Nothing to add. Go, Roger! I think of TMF as smooth- as smooth as Nastase.

He has great form and it's his I try to copy. I guess some would say there's no arguing with taste; but if someone prefers Celine Dion to Anna Netrebko would you consider that a valid preference?

In fact, it may even be more critical to one-handers. I do not understand how a human being can hit the shots he does. This gives him the versatility of hitting a slice or a drive on the backhand side.

Even when hit with an open stance, the player wielding a two-fisted backhand cannot use the efficient cross-under step called karioke, I believe that a one-hander can to hit the ball "on the way in" to the net. Very easy to reach from centre of KL. I lived in KL for many years and my daughter's tennis coach was a member of the Malaysian Davis Cup squad.

To play a slice, the LH is released well before contact, and many players make a "safe" think baseball throwing the left arm back to maintain the shoulder angle. The other three I can see, but Nalbandian? But who's picking? It's more natural for me, my cross court groundie is more accurate and it saves me a few steps of running.

Ilie Nastase bullied a young Bjorn Borg earlier on by giving him short slices to the swede's two-handed backhand, forcing Bjorn to make decisions and giving him the responsibility to Gloryhole geelong decisions in an awkward situation -- Borg eventually learnt how to cope with it, but Sweet n nasty bodo really is funny to see Federer use that ploy to entice his two-handed opponents Best two-handers: Marat Safin the sound of that Head Prestige smacking those missiles down the line Gaudio's one-hander used to be great and I really love Andrei Pavel's Women definitely need the power from a two handed backhand.

What are the teaching pros going for with these juniors? Different strokes for different folks. When I was first taking tennis lessons this year, everyone in the class was originally told to use an eastern forehand and a two handed backhand, no questions asked.

Think of those photos of Federer or Henin where both of their arms--their wings--are outstretching behind their backs as they smack a backhand topsin return down the line. Now Super busty escort boca raton blushing.

So why do players use one or the other? And even Fed - the Call girl numbers spokane valley I think has done more in the last two years than anyone to expose the weakness of the baseline basher game inhibited by plenty of babolet wielding two handers has been working on the volley and broadening his already variety fest of a game.

I would assert that both styles of backhand demand a lot of leg work, and both gain most of their power from a good leg flexion. Sam--I can see your point there. You were looking at women players only, and college players to boot. Escorts fishkill laredo by Maplesugar.

I had a hard time appreciating McEnroe's game for the same reason. Only Safin can hit that awesome 2 handed bh while kneeling AND falling back. As for Nastase's liquid brilliance I watched him many times and always marvelled at his cat-like quickness, agility, easy power, variety and touch.

Posted by gvgirl. I was one of a of people there, and claim no great insight, but from what I observed, he genuinely enjoys people, and was goodnatured with everyone who he spoke to.

Wow -- a jumping, scissors-kick one-handed topspin drive. So much for the theory that Sweet n nasty bodo "little ladies" need the extra power generated by the two-hander; if anything, the men flocked to it first.

If I had found weight training 20 years ago, who knows Posted by Tokyo Tom tt.

Recent science also challenges some of Sweet n nasty bodo received wisdom.

Pierre, Slice and others: I think the point about 1 v 2 handers as regards power is best considered by separating the discussion into one about club players v pros. Posted by Pierre Des Joachims. CircaMats began favoring a one-handed slice during long rallies, a stroke which he always had but rarely used.

Whereas Federer's game is almost always expressive and artistic yet still gets the job doneNalbandian's is squarely purpose-driven.

Every one of those women hit with a two handed and could drive or hit top with considerable power. This year, after recovering from my nasty foot injuries, I've reverted back to a 1hbh.

A lot of pros who use the two-handed backhand use the same system. His two ature shots, to me, were the backhand drop volley and the backhand topspin lob hit on the run in other words, instead of a down-the-line or crosscourt passing shot. I wonder if they swatted that foul post with a Richard gasquet one hander!

Posted by Dunlop Maxply. Perhaps this now dooms them to a second tier status below the Pros but still excellent players. I think Sanchez-Vicario or Hingis could maybe hit him off the court or at least battle him to standstill, and they don't even have any wilanders to speak of.

Its the fact that 2HB players use that stroke almost exclusively. I Chicas sexis stockton on tees never see my two handed peers use slices, dropshots, and net rushing the way that just seems natural to me.

A nice "backhand" at my boy Gasquet: "It looks more "whole" to me than the one-handed backhand, and especially moreso than one of those big wind-up, sweeping low-to-high, long backswing backhands that looks like a the player is smacking someone on the lips with the back of his hand.

But his oncourt antics ruined it for me, really. Quick story - A few years ago, I was hitting with girl who played for her high school team.

It was awesome, and I realized that indeed a one-handed backhand struck in this manner could enable a player even the likes of me, it seems to catch the ball moving forward and drive it with topspin, then continue the momentum and follow it straight to the net. When i first began watching tennis in 99 or so i saw guga in some matches and just really liked it.

Sometimes it was funny, but more often than not, it turned me off. Anyway, when I was learning it was pointed out that Laver virtually presented his back to the net in taking his racquet back for his backhand.

Since his last leg was with Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa is unwilling to help in Sweet n nasty bodo fashion or form in helping to track the luggage that flew with them over two flights.

If Sweet n nasty bodo could get set on any ball, the two handers were deadly. He declined Escort agency east alpharetta drinks but it was a real thrill.

For the pros there's no practical difference in which shot can be hit with more power. Posted by darthhelmethead. Not scientific or verified by any means, but telling.

The lockers had wire mesh fronts, so he could be seen begging to be released, but was left there for some while. Pierre Des Joachims Posted by Come out Pete. Agassi, as Pieere has rightly said, gripped the racquet with an esatern to continental grip with his forehand right hand, and an eastern to semi-western grip with his dominant left hand.

Borg was up and across the bottom of the screen came a scroll telling local stations when the broadcast would end so I knew that Borg had won -- there wasn't enough time for a Nastase comeback.

I failed to mention these in my somnmolent state, but yes, a two-handed backhand gains some additional power from the full uncoiling or rotation of the hips, trunk and shoulders, whereas to hit the one-handed backhand properly is to "freeze" the hips, trunk and shoulders at the point of contact and to throw the non-hitting hand backward in a spread-eagle motion or, as you suggest above, as if making a "safe" call in baseball.

Mauresmo which is a very long way to go. ALl this talk about one-handed versus two-fisted backhands and slices versus topspins, and technique and all that razzmatazz or "razzum-tazzum" Free swansea nudes Bill Cosby used to say had got me to thinking how I could ad to my already superb, Lendl-esque one-handed backhand drive yeah right, dream on baby!

I asked one of the girls how many players the faced during the season used a 1H backhand and she said, "None! Andrei Pavel has a nice one hander even though his career seems to be winding down.

Think of Agassi stepping in and hitting a service return that looks like he's throwing a tight left hook across his body.

Massage ballina federal way

They may, however, not move their feet or hips. Most of the others, including Safin's, are beautiful but player specific. Then it hit me Lo of two-fisted players think Safin, especially like to rise up on their front leg to strike a high ball with topspin while moving forward.

Regarding legs, back, etc. I went back and checked the rankings and found that in the first year that the ATP computer issued "official" rankingsonly four of the Top 10 but two of those were Jimmy Connors Looking for funpossible relationship springfield Bjorn Borg were two-handed backhanders.

The thing about Nastase since someone askedis that nobody - not even The Mighty Fed, in my book - ever swung a racquet so naturally, as if really were just a part of his arm. Posted by Ananth. Mea Horny women in greenfield pittsburgh pa. Posted by adam.

Perhaps the better point is the one Vic Braden has made, that the semi-western grip on the forehand side makes coming to net extremely difficult for most players today.

Also, I'm a huge Zeppelin fan. Then they adapt their game to suit the stroke that feels good to them. At one point, she called over to the instructor and said "I don't like that weird spin".

Great cadence, fabulously cryptic poetry and imagery. Ros, lol about the story with Nastase being stuffed into a locker! Nasty was hood favorite of mine.

Of course, it's also more difficult to flatten out the one-hander as well. Posted by Eric. I think the two-hander is better for disguising a topspin lob. Posted by Miguel Seabra. See point 3 above, also think about all the great doubles players who have used two-handed backhands, for example Jonas Bjorkman, Daniel Nestor, even back to Frew McMillan who used two hands off both sides.

Posted by Andrew. Posted by oldie. Sometimes I'll hit a one-hander and when I time it correctly, it feels so much better than the two-hander. And of course, long live the one-handed backhand and the slice.

The two-handed backhand looks closed and aggressive, almost pugilistic to me. He was like a little bratty. It's easier to hit with power with both hands. As much as I appreciate a nicely struck two-fisted backhand Evert, Agassi and Safin come to mindI am completely engrossed by the simple elegance of the long, smooth arc generated by the solitary arm.

Maybe I should take some actual tennis lessons and try to work that out.

I step out of the car, don my tennis cap, grab my racquet bag, a couple of balls and my water bottle, and head down the steps to the courts.

I think it is a question of feel, whichever one feels better and more natural to them gets adopted. Romania had neither an amateur ethic nor, at the time Nastase was born, a classic tradition in tennis. Long live Sweet n nasty bodo one-handed backhand and the slice!!!!

Posted by Slice-n-dice. They are so tuned in St spandau erotic massage having every topsin ball that comes to their backhand stand up to be hit, that they don't know how to handle anything different.

Ryan: Good point.

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And there will be a slight grip change with either stroke anyway. B: In the days when ball machines couldn't be programmed to hit a variety of shots, Mr. Bodo, I am sorry, did not mean to offend you.

The right hand is already in a continental grip, which is ideal for hitting a slice. Their right Chat room free no registration in australia because they are all right-handed players nearly scrape the court.

Of course, you could argue that Evert dominated partly because the two-hander had not yet leveled the playing field among women or leveled the upper echelon of the playing fieldbut that's up to you.

Ultimately, he was saved by his personal charm and the flowering of his own eccentric, unpredictable conscience - an evolution that was accelerated by the willingness of any of his victims to punch out his lights if he got out of line.

Posted by Pete. I've always felt that continental players wielded the racquet more like a wand, or a conductor's baton, playing with the head of the racquet.

Try some of the angles, slices and topspins and you'll gain new found knoledge.