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The announcement that United States of America Special Envoy for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and inter-sex LGBTI persons will visit Malawi has not been received well Language of love Malawians as the agenda behind the visit remains unknown. However, Malawians have threatened that they will not peacefully welcome the envoy as there are speculations that he is coming to financially support homosexuality advocates in the country.

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This is one of the factors fuelling child marriage in Malawi. Aniva just happens to be a small actor in the scheme of things.

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The MHRC recognises that such abusive practices have a meaning for those who follow them that cannot be easily dismissed. For instance, a Malawi population census revealed that literacy levels in Nsanje were at Nor are such customs necessarily a lingering reminder of traditional African religion, sustained in opposition to missionary Christianity.

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With the custom still shrouded in secrecyone might have assumed the afisi were declining.

InNation on Sunday reported on the retirement of Emma Tembo, 35, who had been hired 82 times to have sex with widowed men.

Is this evil cultural practice imported?

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This is harmful to the girls. To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy.

Kuchotsa mafuta is justified as educating girls about their conjugal duties. GENET encouraged traditional authorities, such as chiefs and village headmen, to ban child marriage—six months later there had been no cases.

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  • There are real threats out there Malawi : poverty, disease, lack of education.

Initiations for girls usually include some instruction in sex as well as adult codes of behaviour, all done far from home; the MHRC found girls as young as six were taken away for weeks at a time.

Similarly, the Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that the charity Plan International had been working in Malawi with alangizi older women who oversee chinamwali in eastern regions to preserve traditions while keeping young girls safe.

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A concerted drive to end such customs must acknowledge that such pernicious customs as afisi persist because of the powerful forces in rural communities that continue to see benefits in subjecting their daughters to such abuse.

Under this initiative, the girls get the advice but without the sexual initiation.

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There is a ificant correlation between ethnicity and such rituals. While many ethnic groups in Malawi have initiation rites for adolescent girls chinamwaliand to a lesser extent boys, not all force the girls into sex.

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We use cookies to improve your website experience. If the mother does not have sex then, it is believed her baby might get sick, develop mental disorders or die.

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Custodians of Culture However, some local voices argued that Aniva was being treated as a scapegoat for deep-rooted cultural practices. The Commonwealth is well placed to take a lead in ending this scourge.

Five days after the original report, the BBC reported that Aniva had been arrested on the orders of President Peter Mutharika and would be investigated for exposing the young girls to HIV. However, some local voices argued that Aniva was being treated as a scapegoat for deep-rooted cultural practices.

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By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Half of the girls in Malawi will be married by 18, with some as young as nine or 10 being forced to wed, Human Rights Watch reported in But pregnancy for teenage girls is not even the worst outcome.

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  4. When Malawi's president, Peter Mutharika, ordered the arrest, he wanted Aniva tried for defiling young girls, but no girls came forward to testify against him.
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Such initiatives helped push the government to make child marriage illegal inthe Guardian reported. Ten years ago, a report by the Malawi Human Rights Commission MHRCCultural Practices and Human Rightscondemned the continued practice of traditions such as parents giving young girls in marriage to Big chef chinese liverpool men to pay off debts or in exchange for cattle kupimbirapre-arranged marriages kutomera or chitomeroand the afisi among the Chewa and Yao ethnic groups in the central and southern areas respectively.

Malawi has the 10th highest rate of child marriage in the world.

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I had to do it for the sake of my parents. According to the custom of kuchotsa mafuta in Nsanje, girls are forced to have sex with the fisi for up to three days after they first menstruate.

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Some girls are just 12 or 13 years old, but I prefer them older. Many Malawians had more nuanced reactions. No, it is our own creation.

But respondents in the MHRC study put forward several reasons for tolerating such apparently retrograde customs, including a belief that it helps boys avoid promiscuity though it is not unheard of for girls as young as 12, and even some who are prepubescent, to marrya desire for grandchildren, kutomera pre-arranged marriages and peer pressure, which can see women called mahure whores if they are still unmarried in their 20s.